Visual effects and features.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have some extra visual effects in the path?

I was wondering if you could implement a time zone light dimming.

Let’s say if I’m going to face someone in the other side of the world…if to me it’s morning, there will be evening…what if its path could be darker and the towers glowing some more?

Iapetos, Prometheus towers could light up the areas where they are located, same for Nyx, Poseidon… Phoenix fire, Griffin thunder etc… I guess it might look cool and challenging.

Also something else…a bigger improvement…

An ‘Action’ camera angle… imagine being in the path…face to face with your opponent units and towers, then a Griffin jumps over our heads and electrifies everything… this fighting mode could be toggled on/off with a button like attack/defense option that we got. 

And speaking of buttons/features… add a button to turn on/off the spells while the hero is in autoplay, we can click/touch the spells Where we think they will do the job properly and not being casted wherever.

Whatever idea you may have, we are here to talk and share them among us.


I was considering writing this exact same suggestion for quite sometime, but was unable to created an explanatory visual for it. Well, text will have to do then. ?

Based on whether I am logging in by morning or evening, the shadow shifts.

If I logged in by night, the obelisks on the Mount show glowing fires on top of them, so they light up the temples & surroundings nicely. 

A similar suggestions was made here (semi-autoplay) earlier. Let’s hope it is implemented soon. ?:slight_smile:

you means like Morza Motosport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. When we fight we can see special weather effect. The weather change. Sunny with strong Sun reflect. After a fight can be Thunderstorm with rain,storm and wind. Some weather can give bonus like rain and storm give more damage to Siren. During a fight you can have winter who slow down a little Minotaur with his poor hoof

can be great yeah. We have suggest this in RR2 but never be done :slightly_frowning_face:

The weather factor would be awesome.