Voucher Disturbance

Hi to All :heart:

I have a question about vouchers …

The question is that we only get vouchers by inviting a friend to Rr2 and their is no other way to get them

So i thought that you guys have to add vouchers in the face of the person on which me have to attack.  

Their should me vouchers with medals and coins … So plz pay attention to this 

I shall me very thankful if you guys help me in this confusion??

You can get vouchers in the chamber of Fortune too.

You have until Level 10 to enter a voucher friend. After its too late. You cannot anymore

@William22 then why we dont get gems in the champer of fortune ? …

 Their should me some way to get vouchers except from chamber of fortune and voucher code

@Warriornator Yeah that’s why i am saying that some other ways should be created to get vouchers …

Many have suggest in the past to up this at least at level 20 or 30 to give time to new players to know this information. the majority miss it because its too late. Just few fight and you are already at level 10 in 1 day.

For gems in chamber of fortune. Well only veteran who have play since 2014-2015 know the gems was in COF in the past and for free but since I don’t remember which update Flare have remove gems for free. You need to spend gems to earn gems. Pretty stupid to be honest. Many don’t like that. In the past I have proposed to do like Olympus Rising and give us at least 3 of 6 chest each raid. Maybe will up at little the chance to gain gems

Like many suggestion. Many are ignored. So we never see that one day :slightly_frowning_face:

Why do you want vouchers?

Like Warriornator said gems in CoF is rare and require that you spend gems. But vouchers are pretty common and you will easly find them.

Also instead of vouchers focus on racking up as many pearls as possible, sitting on 135K now. If you have not started in ninja events do so well worth it.

Saving pearls is the last thing you should do. Use them to forge troops, spells, defensive structures and items. Those get stronger and help you to grow.

Yes, it’s very important to forge troops and spells right from the beginning! There the blacksmith work is cumulative and you can benefit for as long as you’ll play RR2.

For defensive structures, don’t waste pearls if you’ll most likely will not use the structure in future, like Arrow towers. Same for items, don’t waste pearls to forge items unless they are at max level (130).

Not quite true for items, skull perks and aura rings like heal (diamond) ring, you should forge. Also, items having xp or others stuff you use, you can forge as soon as you are hero level 111+. It’s what you said.

After a forge, you benefit from that moment on. Say a player must wait till level 130. That could cost a year or even longer. So better forge those items and indeed only forge towers you definitely are going to use. 

Indeed I’ve meant to wait with forging until you get items of level 130, and not that you wait until your player is level 130. :slight_smile:

I must admit, that I also forged items with skull perks, although they had lower level. You can benefit immediately, right, but at the other hand, it always hurts me when I hand over items that have 20+ forges to blacksmith and see them crushed. I agree that forging items for an immediate boost is tempting, but keep in mind that sooner or later items with level <130 are outdated in level and stats, and forges cannot be carried over to a newer instance of an item, even if it is of the same sort.

Disagree, saving pearls at low levels and then learning what the hang to forge is best bet in my opinion. I have wasted enough of them to know. 

At low level you should pay attention to your main spells and troops with those pearls. Remember that you can increase spells and troops by 30-40% by forging them as soon as they are out of cool down and can be forged again. What’s this learning what the hang to know to forge? You should not forge everything just because it’s forgeable. That’s just not smart.

What spells do you use mainly, first focus on those. Same question for troops. Which you use in offense plus defense? Those get highest priority, then the ones you use in offense and last but not least the ones in defense. And don’t forge only one spell or troop simultaneously, that’s pointless. 

At low levels, you should focus on improving your main spells and troops. You just can’t start early enough with doing that. 

You really need to improve as many as you can of those simultaneously and ignore the ones you never use first, those you can forge later. Remember that from the moment something is forged (or improved), from that moment on you benefit. 

As soon as you have a maxed blacksmith and get enough pearls from either pro league, ninja season or luck gear, only when you have enough pearls to spare, only then you should focus on towers and items only and items only when they are level 130 or are skull perks. 

Every time you don’t forge, you fall behind a bit. When you wonder why you lose raids and people easily beat your base, there you have your answer. Those micromanagements by forging once, don’t make any difference, but 15+ forges on every stat will definitely make a difference. And when you realize it later, nice that you have 130k+ pearls, it needs plenty of time (a year or more) to improve those stats by forging, you can only forge one stat at a time and then need to wait for  the cool down period. 

Now let me give the example for ogre. I didn’t forge them for a long time, since our team didn’t boost them and I used ranged troops instead. Then we suddenly started to boost them, but I simply could not keep them alive, by the fact that my ogre was too slow and constant staying behind. Then I suddenly started to improve ogres, first speed, then health and finally attack rate. And suddenly I was able to keep them alive and did win raids against bases, that were out of my league without them.

Pearls are similar like gold, when you can improve (or upgrade) something, use them to do it. It’s an investment and from that moment on you benefit. You can keep them and save them for a good moment, but you fall behind, when you keep them (for what reason?) for a long period of time without forging.  Pearls you must see as an investment to improve your stats. They improve the odds that raiders fail (and give you gems) and increase the odds that you win (and get more cof, gold and even pearls). Investing them is a win-win situation. not investing them is asking for problems and when they appear, you have to invest them, but still cool down period will then not be your greatest friend. Like I said, it takes a lot of time to improve stats by forging. 

For items with skull perks it’s also handy to forge them. It looks like throwing pearls away, but in fact it isn’t. Every 0.1% extra gives you an extra skull per raid. Now this doesn’t look much, but you can get an extra 300-350 skulls per raid if you keep forging those. This can be the difference between winning a war (when more players in your team invest in those) or losing, it also makes the difference between reaching higher war chests. Imagine that there’s an improvement  possible from 30-40% by just forging stuff. And I rather have improved stuff than a mountain of pearls in reserve. 

But hey, if you save them, that’s your choice. 

for me you don’t have wrong when you forge at low level Hammerstrike and Firestorm. You don’t do a mistake for them. Later when you unlock Sonic Blast but at 400-800 is too much.Maybe for later when you have unlock 5th or 6th slot and max blacksmith. Anyway until 90 you don’t need it.Base are so weak just 2 spells is enough

For units of course Knight but also since the balance of Paladin. I use both. So Knight,Paladin and I use Froster. Froster when you unlock them use them and forge them. Very useful for all base.Later when you unlock the most useful in defense if you want to earn gems like 700 gems each War Season. Monk and Necromancer. A full base of Monk at low level is a pain and impossible to beat without Irmgard. Just at +5 in HP is enough to make them crazy

So for me its Hammerstrike,Firestorm,Knight,Paladin,Froster,Pyromancer,Monk and Necromancer. Later if you are in Ninja Tier 3000+ and can win 5000+ pearls + 6th or 7th blacksmith at max. At this moment you can forge all

for defense I forge spike and Blockade they are cheap. I wait for the rest later