Voucher Week Was A Complete Bust

I wasn’t even aware there was a Voucher Week. I still got the same 1 or no vouchers when one of my friends leveled up or won a tournament. As a matter of fact during that week I think I had 2 maybe 3 friends level up. At first I had two low level friends that yielded 12-9 vouchers everytime they leveled but now when they level it shot all the way down to 1 and then eventually none.


The voucher system is a cruel joke and needs to be eliminated period.Just go back to givining gems for accomplishments. Flare your taking up server space for something that can be used for better ideas.Like:


A rotating dungeon= A single dungeon that changes prizes every 5 days instead of the 70 you got now or keep the oiginal 70 until players finish them and then opens up to one dungeon that constantly changes course,difficulty and prize lvl


A Bigger Silo= need i say more?


A female Avi= “ditto”


Better Equipment= equipment with cool down times that actually make a difference and stop giving so many morale boosted equipment its obvious the meter only goes so fast once you reach a certain level no matter how many morale points and boosts you have


Fix general glitches= get rid of the fact that my troops move like molasses even when they are not under the effects of frost.Get rid of the lag time period one battle my cool down period is normal and the next battle my cool down is shot to heck. Against the same opponent though.That sort of stuff is costing me easy wins on the regular.I keep a beat up dummy or two on deck just for easy gold and trophies and medals(i’m sure I’m not the only one) who finds that perfect opponent thats easy to beat but yeilds a heck of a lot of gold and trophies that you can milk until he/she runs dry.The lag time has me Two Trophying to my milk cows off and on and its frustating. This game can run a lot smoother on windows 10 if you get rid of some of the useless stuff.


In short (too late) Just get rid of the voucher system you got plenty of other stuff that can be done with this game.Its a waste of server space and as far as I’m concerned a waste of in game storage space on my PC that could be used for something better…



Where’d you get the Voucher Week info? Never heard of it. 

Facebook page of rr2 https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt

In fact, most news and events are announced on FB only, which is sad… 

Btw, browsing through the last 8 pages of the “spam your voucher codes” thread, a considerable percentage of all those posts comes from a very few people only, posting every new code (which come all 3h^^), while the amount of “new” people posting a code for the first time lowered quite a bit… and all posts older than about a day are useless (because expired) anyway… I really can’t find much positive in the voucher system… 


(Sry for double post but didn’t want an already-liked post afterwards.)