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I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I’m still not used to this new message board (sorry, I like the old one better- it was large, but organized nicely for the most part.)

I was saving up vouchers to buy gems to eventually upgrade my alliance tower. Since I’m a free player (I can’t afford to spend money on a game), the vouchers were an excellent way to get gems to be able to do that, now that our Conquest buildings, guardians, and everything else seems to require the use of gems. I had been saving up for some time and used 14,000 vouchers to get 2000 gems, but I have 21,000 more vouchers and was hoping to use them to get more gems so that I’d have enough to finally be able to upgrade that alliance tower.

Problem is after using those 14K vouchers for the 2000 gems, there is no other gem/voucher offer that comes up. They used to come up automatically, but not this time. Have I reached the limit? According to the wiki, that was the last entry. Wouldn’t it just keep repeating the 14K/2000 offer if that was the max? I’d hate to think there will be no more gems available this way anymore! Is this a bug, or am I just out of luck? Since Flare seems to think gems are the answer to everything, and I choose to pay for medical care for my wife as opposed to furthering myself playing a game, I’m wondering if this is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in causing me to find a new game where I can actually get somewhere without having to pay for in-game levelling up. I find it more gratifiying when I EARN it anyway, but if it’s going to take me a year to get that many gems, forget it. I’m willing to take the time to earn my stuff, but if it takes so long it’s like it doesn’t even make a difference, than forget it. This game has changed so much since I joined. It’s become a time drain- I can’t let it become a wallet drain, too.

Wiki is right, after getting 2000 gems we cant get more gems from vouchers.

As far as I remember if you can spend time winning leagues and from ninja chest you can get a some decent amount of gems. If you are gonna try to win leagues try to stock up medal tokens from festivals, and it depends on how much medals per battle you can get, I don’t know about your level and your strength but if you can get about 300-400 medals from a fight and if you can spend like 20 battles per day you can get about 12000 - 14000 medals per day, over three days it will be like 36000 to 42000 medals over three days for diamond league if you do a few more battles you can get about 50,000 medals which may get you the in the first three places unless there are top players with medal bonus etc that can sweep the league. You dont have to fight every league but 3 per month so you can get about 800-1000 gems per month plus two ninja can get you like 100-200 gems. For food use the extra vouchers.

If you find diamond league takes too much time, try to drop to platinum league and win it and then dont play the diamond league and drop to platinum again, this way you can get around 600 gems per month, then again it depends on the league there are times we have to play aggressively losing a lot of time for the extra hundred gems.

Currently I’m not playing temporarily so I’m just sharing what it used to be when I was playing. Agree with the game becoming a time drain without returns for the time and effort that is put in, lately so with a lot of nerf dont know when months of time and efforts can be ruined in an instant just because some think we are getting it easy. Good luck though.

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As I remember initially (2015) 5000/1000 was the maximum. (Maybe even less)
(history link) https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/Social_Features_%26_Voucher_System?oldid=21373
After that (~2017) they added two more suggestions 9000 and 14000

So just wait and believe!