W.T.F.? 50 Free Gems a Day?

Okay on this page it clearly says: Collect a Chest Containing at Least 50 gems every day!  What’s up with that?


Yes for real money. But supply and demand says gem costs are about to go up sharply as a result of all these new rewards.

Yup, 50 gems per day for 30 days =1500 (+ 200 gems) = 1700 gems. Down-side is you need to spend 3$ for getting the package. 

Funny thing though is that  this game with all the extra costs and price policy has brainwashed players to the extent that they say : 3 $ for 1700 gems, oh… that’s a bargain…


while it s not…


it still will cost you $ 12 and 4 months patience before you can upgrade the alliance tower to max level  with these offers

and then I’m not even discussing the last slot at Blacksmith


I think that fo $3 you probably will be able to remove one perk and replace it with one you want… collect gems visit blacksmith, wrong perk again, visit again the next day… etc…

although after 10 days you re chances on succeeding forges will be so small that you need another package to get the necessary pearls


Did anyone notice that the gem price for resurrecting your hero  went up ?


quote of the day :  Nothing in life comes for  free, and most certainly nothing in this game does …

1700 gems for $3 a good deal for me, shorten the time to upgrade my ally tower to max as I need to now win less diamond league and since I’m only looking for only one more skull bonus perk with other gears already have great perk, so not much gems to spend on perk removal other things.Just the last Blacksmith slot left and its not a priority at all.

Only bad side for me about the gems is you have to go online everyday to collect them and they aren’t automatic. I’m assuming if I am offline one day i won’t get 100 gems the next day. Christmas is coming up and daily play may not be an option



Yes if you miss one day, you will not get the gems of this day afterwards as this is a 30 days rewards, unlike the daily normal chests which are 28 chests over 30 days, so you can miss 2.

Its a loyalty reward to encourage players to play , probably cuz they are losing their player base so it is only right to have the reward given when you login :slight_smile:

I have a doubt, what if I connect everyday on all the 30 days? Will I miss a prize the last two days?  :slightly_frowning_face:

For the daily chests, the normal ones, you only get 28 per month, while for the gems one you got 30 ^^


Flare finally did something right. Also, my gems chest had more than 50 gems inside, so your base is 1700 gems a month not to include the extras that “may” exist inside.

Thank you Flare. I really do like this update.

Also, its a good way to budget gems and be more careful in using them.

The game has its own calendar, our days aren’t the same of the game, so you can buy the monthly card wherever you want i guess and from then you’ll start to get 50 gems for the next 30 days.

For example i’m a windows player and i have dowloaded the update 1.9.6 only today and i got my first chest, the chest of yesterday doesn’t exist for me for example (where maybe for someone else that already downloaded the game yesterday, today he/she is already at the second day of daily rewards), but for me, today i start mine “game-month”.

But for example the chests started 16th December and finish 16th January. If I get the monthly pass on the 24th December which lasts until 24th January will I lose 8 days chests as when you press on a daily chest you get the gem chest as well. But if you start late and it over runs then what happens.

I feel like its harder to explain in writing

well let’s do 1 thing show me a pic after 2 days of your daily reward and see if you can still buy a monthly card or not, could be great if you do it for me ^^ so we can provide if it is possible or not that’s why i ask this ^^ (i have some doubts me too XD)

I bought it after the first day of daily chests. I think we get it for 30 days regardless when we start it.

I’d like to know if you can still buy it after 2 days or better after 3 days 

Something interesting just happened! As per my post above I bought the daily gem pack this morning (day 2) and got my first daily gem chest.

Just logged into the game and got my second daily gem chest at the same time as my next daily chest!

From this I surmise that the daily gem chests will come more frequently to coincide with the timing of your daily chest.



it was near midnight by Greenwich