W.T.F.? No Flying Fire-Breathing Dragon?!

We need one new final ultimate unit maybe from an epic new quest add on…

I’m getting close to beating all the Dungeons and I need something new to beat.

Plus this is a medieval tower defense/offense game!  It’s all played by geeks and nerds like me.  We need a flying fire-breathing dragon!  It fits so naturally into the game! 

Also most fire units are weak to water.  I’d like a new unit to add a new element to the game play.

It doesn’t seem right to see a slow flying dragon get taken out by water. 

And since the dragon has scales, I don’t think he should be weak to arrows probably 50% resistance for piercing.

I think his big weaknesses should be blunt and normal attack: 75%.  It would be awesome seeing and ogre take a club to one of those monsters! 

Also I think only units with a range greater than 0.8 should be able to kill Dragons cause they are flying!  So like spikes knights would be powerless against dragons.  But both a King and a Palidin would be able to fight them.

Please, please, please, pretty please!

Idea is nice.

And you completed dungeons,if yes then please tell me how you completed Last too dungeons.because i already wasted around 150 gems on that but no result:/

No, unfortunately, I’m just getting close. 

I’m in the same place you are right now.


On the last Gold Dungeon, you just spam elite Arbs, run along the edge with Bladestorm, Armegedon the first row of towers, rush forward, revive, repeat. At least, that’s what I did :\

cool idea! :slight_smile:

One might find a dragon in a dungeon /cave too, guarding his gold :slight_smile:

scroll - suicide - scroll - suicide - scroll

You can go through any base like this. It costs tons of gems though…