w10 Hangs 3.91

The following is in event log … @GalaMorgane


Hello there,

Thanks for pointing it out. However, we need a lot more information to be able to investigate further :

  • What were you doing In-Game before this happened?
  • What other apps were running in the background?

Once you gave me this, I’ll be able to send it to Devs for further investigation.

Many thanks,



It tends to occur at the main screen  and may be after a reconnect.

so game loaded and gone idle then reconnect. Basically no screen response… taskbar to kill and reload

EDGE and skype only other things running.

16 gig ram i7 6th gen.


Sketch (9).png

Normal RR2 have crash. Do you have see what is running? 20 tabs in Microsoft Edge and 4 Skype and many more. First stop them all and close them all after RR2 will run smooth without problem. Its not because you have 16 GB of Ram or 32,64 or 128 GB of Ram you can run 1 millions stuffs in background while playing. Stop using Microsoft Edge its the worst browser if you want to do multi task. Use Firefox Quantum or Google Chrome your PC will run better.Microsoft Edge demand Wi-Fi to work. So if you use many Wi-Fi demand program at the same time its obvious one of them will crash. in this case that was RR2

if you do multi task do it without gaming. you cannot do both. Like Firefox, Microsoft Edge need to be closed each 2 or 3 days. If he have reach 1.7 GB that means you have keep Microsoft Edge open for more than 2 days. You must close it time to time. After 2 days your PC will lag,freeze and buggy. That do the same with Firefox if I let’s him open more than 2 days. its not for fun Microsoft have put a orange color to indicate the app demand a lots of Ram and are a Ram eater. When a app become orange close it and re open it. Too long open

You see my Firefox is in orange after 2 days. 907 MB that why yesterday my RR2 have freeze its my own fault I have left Firefox open too long. So now I need to close them all and restart it at 470 MB to have a smooth PC

@GalaMorgane no action need from your part. Whatsa must learn to close all apps before run a game.


lol I know 1.7 GB is huge. Never see that in my life. He have left Microsoft Edge open for 1 week? never lets a browser open that long.

Heavy usage of newly gained YouP**n Premium Accont. lol