Wake up Flaregames!

I want to make it clear that this is more of a reflection than a suggestion for improvement.
I think that the game goes too much in a collective direction, and that it penalizes it a lot.
Now, all the events are turned to the collective:

  • the war, since always, and it’s normal
  • ninjas, with interesting collective rewards
  • conquest, new game mode where all alone you can do nothing
  • the pro league, with bonuses depending on the collective result
    In short, the game put more and more collective, and it is not the improvement of the buildings of the conquest that will affirm the opposite. It takes gold from the alliance, which is paid by the players of the alliance.
    And the individual game in all this?
    There is the festival, but so rare (unless you are monthly, what I doubt) … the dungeon, but when it’s finished … and that’s it!
    So, after this short analysis, I think it would be wise to think also of the alliance, and not the expenses of gems:
  • Penalize the jumpers, who go from team to team without doing anything! It’s unbearable!
  • We earn gold rewards for alliance
  • Do not do more events based on the collective, there are enough
  • Increase the donation ceiling

The current problem is that the big 80 level alliances had a lot of gold before the maj 4.0, while the alliances below must manage the bonuses, the fortress improvements and the jumpers because some of their players are attracted by the big alliances .
So Flaregames, are you going to do anything to improve the conditions of the average alliances, which are dragging on? Or are you going to leave this system, which only benefits big teams? When are you going to make unique challenges without the leaders of the team constantly watching to wear out the nerves? When will the hero be able to win interesting stats over level 130 again?

Diddy7, an angry leader

(French to English translation by Google)


I agree, totally.

What happens if everyone becomes LV 130?

I wonder what will happen to the alliance disparity
What kind of fun will you do with RR 2
What you aim for
Do you join TOP Alliance members?
Pearl Millionaires?
Will you make your favorite name to your alliance and bring up with your friends?

I hope the new goals and play will increase in free choice.

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My friend always says that he has nothing to do.

Please also make something that will make him immerse again.

**There is still a mountain road on the right **