wake up Flaregames!

hello Flaregames,

This will me be my last post if nothing changes around here about this trophy system, the more gems you invest in this game the higher ascension level you get the worser it become!!

first off all why do you think top 10 players are all between lvl 25 and 40 simple explain, becuause defence is worthless with the overpowerd gem skills!! scylla blows away half of your defence map, pyrphoros rush through barricades and bring most of the towers down easy! the really bad part is if you die, you ressurect and the timers of the skills are reset too, so it can be used straight away so its very easy to beat high lvl defences that way to win or to get to raid stage and earn trophies!

second bad thing is the reward trophies that are given by not completing to beat the defence of your opponent so called raid, they still earn trophies from higher level with more trophie count or level! so again your defence is worthless, because you lose trophies and cant earn those back, because the islands dont get occupied if that happens 50 times a day you only lose trophies  to lower level players all the time,and that happens in all stages of ascension lvl all the trophies from the high ascension lvl will drop futher and futher down to the lowest ascension lvls in this game.  we dont earn trophies for defence anymore and cant be won back, we cant attack those low lvl ascension where all the trophies go!!!

Greetz CrAzYCMM, 

so close to quit this game and ask for refund!!

I did this way ago, I was amongst the top 10 players. Then decided I cannot play both RR2 and this.

Quit this one. Chow!.

Agreed x1000. Apple refunded me for this broken game. These devs obviously never tested things before implementing them. Playing is pointless right now. At 70+ we cant increase our trophies because our defences dont hold and no one gives enough trophies to equal the loss. Furthermore all that leaves for us to do is build, which increases our ascension, which makes it even harder to hold trophies. Pay and play to lose. Makes a lot of sense. 

Hey all,

First off - sorry again, that the balancing over the weekend meant that the low level players were able to run up this crazy advantage.

Since we now have a much more elastic trophy system it will take a little time for the dust to settle, during which players with far too many trophies for their level will lose more than they normally would, and people with far too few trophies for their level will win more than they usually should. For example, although KFoolington is still at position 1, they have lost over 500 trophies in the last 8 hours. They just had so much of an advantage that this hasn’t dropped them out of the top position yet. It is, however, incredibly unlikely that they will keep that position. They are also still battling like a machine, but every victory will only ever bring them 3 trophies, even against much higher level players.

This also means that other people who had too many or too few trophies will also take a little while to reach where they should be.

There is some wriggle room within that, so if they continue to play very hard, and have an excellent defense, they will be able to maintain a high trophy count for their level, but this will be somewhere much further down the table.

It is now a much bigger advantage to have a high player level, and it will only become more and more of an advantage as the dust settles, and the trophies that low level players are losing filter up to the higher level players, upon whose islands they are currently appearing. This will only happen as the players beat them and take their trophies, which is why it takes a little while.

If you are still losing a lot of trophies right now, that means that you are high above the trophy average for your level. This will not continue.

you are wrong this will continue the drop if people lower lvl get trophies for not defeat your defence, whats your fcking defence worth if you lose because they cant defeat it and give them trophies as reward if you get attacked by 50 different lower lvl ascension all day long and dont capture islands and they earn trophies, how can we defend our throphies if the defence is worthless, this happens in all stages ascension lvl and trophies still dropping down to the lowest lvl in game. and its been awhile i earned thropies with defence. only see it go down by 300+ a day and only get 100 all day for attacking and my defence aint shit earning more then a 100 gems a day!

What crazy said. Not to mention with defense weaker from the last patch, and most people on my map giving me 3 trophies, i have to attack around 15-20 people to replenish the trophies i lose after each log off. 

im lvl 69 with 2800 atm looks  like average at this lvl, i dont mind losing trophies against someone who defeat my defence they earn it! but im disagree with if they cant defeat it they get trhophies as well, shoulndt it be that if  i won the battle with defence i earn trophies and how much depends on their trophy count and lvl…if they cant defeat it they are not ready for it!!

no island loss if this happens 50 times a day i cant earn this back!!


and again no island lost!

image-2016-06-09 (1).jpg

We see a changing in the ranking 

the low Lvl players go down and the high Lvl players are going up as it should be… We may lose trophies but it is for the good of the game… This game have to find the balance again after the last weekend… We all get angry for losing trophies but  I believe developers are working in a good way… Waiting to see the results…


Looking at the screenshots you show, it’s possible they did beat your defense. The amount of trophies you get from not winning is much lower than that (if anything), unless the opponent really has a ton more trophies than you. Ascension Level plays a very small part in the trophies you win, but only really when the other player is more than 10 levels above you, the amount is almost completely based on your trophies and your enemy’s trophies.

As you climb the leaderboard, Heroes are able to withstand more attacks before they are sent back to Mount Olympus. This means that just because it shows negative trophies, it doesn’t mean you will lose an island.

Hope that helps with understanding the numbers you’re getting.

If you have no hostile islands on your map, a new one should appear within 2 minutes (or less).

so you really think the lost of trophies cant be that big here is a screen shot from me not beating his defence and only raid him, from a player lvl 93 and 2659 trophies just a 20 more trophie count then i have!! explain this please


It doesn’t help your only ever matched up against higher level players, making me think the cups all gonna filter back to the low ascension players. They’d be silly to lose any cups to anyone higher when you can knock on the gate get 2 keys and still win cups.

Hello CrazyCMM,

There is a difference of 24 levels between you and this player if I am right :slight_smile:

Accordingly, beating a player with a player level which 24 levels higher is quite something, therefore you get already this much trophies when only reaching 70%.

Let us know if you have additional questions.


i didnt beat him thats the bad thing i can attack him 5 more times and he is down a lot of trophies just to a lower lvl, this has effect on all of us so all the trophies from high lvls will drop down futher and futher to lower ascension lvl eventually.

actaully he should be rewarded with some trophies because i didnt defeat his defence im not ready for it, why build a defence if points can won with no winnings!! so your defence is worthless against all lower level players. better put nothing that saves more trophies!

But he is matched on one of your islands. The game therefore is telling you to attack this guy. Then you go for it and you have spent quite some gems to get to this point. So he is losing trophies, but also gains some gems from the one you have spent. So why not giving you then some trophies for the investment you made?

attacked 3 times he is down 50 trophies, he will be happy he got a few gems back but he wont be happy he lost 50 trophies to 1 player, if more attack him he wont be happy he got a few gems and lost that much trophies he cant win back that easy, even if his defence is strong! now the next part now i get attacked by players lower then me, i lose those 50 again, the next part that lower lvl that earn trophies from me without beating me is losing them to another low lvl player and so on, i cant earn that back easy because the higher lvl will get less trophies that way, and where can he win those back if all those high players get less trophies every day, and he isnt earning trophies with his defence! so where will all those trophies go?

dont know if you noticed but already top 10 players are showing up low lvls again after 1 day, dont you guys get the point?

We get the point and in general I totally agree with you. But when he is dropping, he also gets much more trophies winning against the same opponent then before. You can also be sure that we are having an eye on what is going on. There are also things coming with the next update, which will shift your strength a bit more to your player level.