Want another new character



When i saw revelation i was a bit dissapointed but happy also since its gonna be fun to try a new unit!


But I had gathered alot of gems and was  ready to throw them at this new person but now I dont have anywhere to throw them so could you make a new character like different shop or something please?


Maybe like a raider mercenary or goblin advisor that increases gold raid by x%   and same activation system like gold shield would be fun also


Thanks and happy day :slight_smile:

Hey, a new feature will always be interesting :slight_smile:

Yes I always super excite and refresh refresh for news when something new is getting revealed :wink:


I wonder what version 2.0.0 will do

I want super dungeon for high level players and daily quests!

And ninjas…!!!

They can include more dungeons since the current one pretty much completed already, and ninjas should be interesting bt won’t expect it to come until another major update :wink: