Want to change my IGN

hello Alysea,

I want to change my In game name, How can I change it?? And If I can do so what is process to do ?? Pls reply fast as possible :slight_smile:

Kings regards

Avi Ahir

It’s not possible, sorry.

Changing igns is not longer possible. Even if you want to try it you should contact flares support. My request got rejected, though I knew some people who managed to changed their igns (after Flare officialy stopped doing it) but you need to have a good reason for it.

yea first when I started I was not playing that much so I make 2 or 3 ids every time I uninstall my game my id lost but after some updates the game gone addictive so I want to remove 1 from my IGN :- Avi Ahir 1