Want to Create a Successful Alliance?

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Do players don’t participate in your alliance?

Do you face low activeness of your members?

Do players don’t donate in your alliance?

Do you face problems while running an alliance?

If YES, Read my latest blog that contains some advice for you all that will help you much in order to make a successful alliance. I hope you like my blog. Comment and tell me there and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the blog for free.


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You do make some good points, but they aren’t points that a leader doesn’t already know. A leader shouldn’t force his generals to be on all the time, nobody is on during non-event times, those don’t even matter. A general should be good at directing troops and telling them what to do, especially during the Conquest. You also said that a leader should only promote players to general if they are on for more than 30 minutes a day. I mean…duh, but that’s not why you should promote them. You promote out of trust. You become a general by showing responsibility and overall knowledge of the game and its events

I’m in one alliance which is exactly why I DO have the right to give someone advice. You are going around giving people advice and then do exactly what you tell them shouldn’t happen. That’s not help. I have been in 4 alliances in my career, slowly moving up the ranks. Made some really good friends over the years. Being in 4 alliances, isn’t jumping, especially when lower alliances are made for steps into bigger and better alliances. I know more about alliances than you could ever know and your “help” for alliances proves it. I would never jump from alliance to alliance (only a newbie does that) because I know what that does to an alliance. I know how terrible it feels. We’ve had a few members come in to our alliance, I won’t name names, but they would come in “give advice” that was horrible, and then hop out two days later. You are unable to give alliances “help” and “advice” when you can’t even stay in one yourself

That can be a way of promotion. Trusting is necessary but an inactive general can do nothing. Ha, I don’t tell you to be online. Just login once and then go out. The timer below your name should never go Red, it must be Green. This attracts players. Well, you have never made an alliance so you know not, how tough it is. 

This is just a SPEECH! Let others decide whether it is useful or not. I feel it useful because it HELPED ME!  Thanks… No arguing, please.

No general ever has a red timer, unless they are on vacation. No member of the alliance checks to see how often a general is online. That’s a job that Generals do to check on the members lol

I have made an alliance and I do know how tough it is…that’s why I’m not in my own alliance. I 100% respect all these players who have worked their butts off to give us players a good alliance to be in with good boosts and good activity

STOP! No Bargaining!

…what? lol, what bargain?

I’m not trying to argue, I’m just saying it’s not wise to give other advice when you are being foolish and hopping around

Wherever I went, I stayed there for a month… except some teams… that were behaving foolishly. Not a JUMPER anymore. See, I was helping alliances then and now even. But, at this moment, I am trying to grow to a good level. Thanks. No replies!

You are just looking for excuses to promote your own blog, no more no less. I on the contrary have been founding teams, Genie and Master alliances. And you want to give others advice? Sorry, I don’t believe you.

Filling an alliance with players is very easy. Filling an alliance with members that fit there is another story. Sorry, to say, but Awesomest is correct.

What experience do you have? How is it to lead a team, when you take hard decisions, who you let join and who not are just a few things you have to do by learning. Before I stepped down I gave my generals time to taste what it’s like to be leader, by promoting them before a war season. That’s how they learn, by doing. And that is trust, they could take over the alliance, but didn’t. Some are even still playing, since start of alliances.

Like I said, easy to fill a team, with members without descent donations. And bragging that you filled a team? Shall we contact the leader and ask? If that was true, you would be general by now. Are you? 

If you had fantastic tips, why you need to link to your blog? That info belongs here, if it really would help. 

Why did you attack this guy?


i read his post, do not see something bad in his words. With which point you both do not agree to blame him?


ok, guy, i do not know you, but i do not thing you did something wrong

Players should not stay in one alliance forver. They are free to do everything they want.there is only one rule- do not leave in wars.

when player leaving it doesnt mean player bad. Its mean leader bad- he cant show the goal to the playerz

Generals should be online. This guy is right

I’m not saying Generals shouldn’t be online. I’m saying generals shouldn’t be FORCED to be online more than regular members

Cromka, with all respect, keep out of this. We don’t attack him, he only wants to promote his blog, nothing more nothing less.

 In my case Edward and I did found our teams to have fun, without being married to the game and without need to use cash. Did you lookup Ushachan? Everyone can fill up a team with low level players.

By doing so, you actually hurt the team. Low donations won’t help to keep boosts alive. Low players are easy targets during war season and can’t help during conquest. It’s the example what should not be done. This way loyal stronger members with good donations will search their home elsewhere, that’s what’s going to happen.

Forcing people to play isn’t a tip, that will make players leave. It’s a game, make players feel comfortable, let them feel welcome and give them a feeling of a virtual family. That’s how you create a good team, not by letting people playing against their will. Generals should be online? Never heard more nonsense. We have generals from a lot of teamzones to spread us, but we never force anyone to be online.

Do they get a salary from the leader, don’t think so. Any leader demanding that can better call himself captain of the Flying Dutchman, (I am Dutch) since his team will be pretty fast similar looking like a ghost ship, abandoned. 

Be good to your members, treat them like you want to be treated and most important, everyone is equal. The leader and generals are no more than the staff taking care of the alliance by free will. Private life has top priority and it’s not done to order members to do things against their will. Of course there are rules to make it comfortable for everyone.

Cromka. Please learn to keep out of topic who don’t concern you. its not the first time we repeat to you this.Thank you. Here what Dena and AwesomestKnightest try to do and myself. Try to learn him what he do its not correct in any way.

you cannot jump alliance to alliance like 100 ones. You try to fill up each alliance. Maybe on the moment can work. Good for them I guess.Everyone can do it its not hard. However you probably add low donation players and probably player with no chemistry. Probably sure all alliance he have work over 1 year on it are now broken and don’t work anymore. You cannot just full a team and hope all gonna work. We have told you at many reprise stop doing this if you want to learn respect from the others. Start to find one and stay there.

You know why on 3 alliance in Olympus Rising I have created all of them have work? I have created in 2017 The Griffin Warrior. i have full it. Give Officer and Captain rank to the one I have trust and bring this alliance in War and gain a high number of Rank 1 success. Sadly I have stop playing OR and I leave. 3 month later I come back and created a new account and have created The Griffin Shield. Again full it was not a problem. However this one has been broken due to huge number of bugs in War. bugs after bugs have kill my alliance. I have lost all my members. They have all stop playing. that why today we have only 14K players in OR

My determination don’t have stop here. After the War was fixed for good. I have created The Eternal Griffin few months ago. I have full it. Now I have promote some player that I trust to Captain. They help me manage the alliance. We have win a huge number of Rank 1 War. You know why all my alliance work?

  • Good Leader

I know how War work,how to spend gold on blessings and manage the alliance correctly. I don’t hesitate to remember after each War at which  point that I have a good team. Give them advice to help them grow,etc… Each day I take time to give them advice. They ask me question. I answer. Sometime you must kick them or apply discipline if someone don’t listen. I like to promote them to Veteran Rank when they help us in War and are really active. A kind of personal reward. They like it and are happy after. Listen them,advice them,interact with them. Make them happy and give them the taste to go further.

  • Chemistry

its not just you full it and its over. Like you said ok i have full it 58/58. ok which number don’t speak the right language? how many player play solo? how many player don’t listen now the leader? how many player have low donations and lack of boost and knowledge? You fill it but leave after. What happen? probably all alliance you have work are probably broke and are maybe not healthy like you think

  • Management

something your forgot. Maybe you fill all the alliance you join. At what cost? low donation player,wrong language,bad chemistry,etc. Leader who help him? do you have make generals by randomness and the management is horrible now? no gold,no boost,no members with knowledge to help the others,etc…

Maybe others point. when you do what you do the problem is you don’t care about all of this important point. You must fill it but each generals must know what they must do. Leader must know what to do in each situation, make sure everyone donated, make sure everyone follow your order. have fun together. have a good chemistry. Make sure you respect their life. They work and all. So don’t force them to be connected or online if they cannot. Never I will force someone to do something he cannot. Respect the others and others will respect you

the best advice here is stop jump to jump to try I don’t know which newbie mission. join one you will like and stay there. Evolve,help them, give them advice,help them win War,Conquest,etc… Alliance is a teamwork. What you do kill the game. Please stop this foolishness. How many players have stop playing because of you? Because they have join a bad alliance with no chemistry,no knowledge,nothing to help them. How many players RR2 have stop playing because of you? Please we told you stop doing this. Please

you have a lots to learn apparently. what you do its far to be good. One day no alliance will left and you will be alone. Long time we repeat this. Your reputation is really bad right now. continue and you will be alone   

Listen us please. Join a alliance and stay there

Want a successful alliance? Spend money

?No… I don’t think so.

I really don’t understand all the hostility here  :huh: 
He is just trying to help and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the list on his post, so why are you guys attacking him like that? 

:diamonds: Everyone is free to leave and go to another team if they want to!
As long as they don’t leave during Alliance Wars and Conquest, or right before the beginning of those events, giving time for the team to find replacements. 

:diamonds: A player’s capacity to give advices about alliances is not reduced by the number of teams he has joined.
In fact, that might actually help it. Because then you can point out the bad reasons that made you want to leave a team, or the good things about another team that made you want to leave your current alliance to join them.
You won’t leave a team if you feel like that’s the right one for you. So if someone left, don’t blame that player, just improve your team.

:diamonds: Generals must be active players!
It’s a position to help the leader on the management of the team. There’s no point on promoting a General if that player won’t be online enough time to be helpful, because then, it becomes nothing more than a useless yellow tag.
Being online 30 minutes a day is like ~10 raids daily, if you play the game for much less than that you’re not really active enough to be a General, at least not on a good and active team.

:diamonds: What’s wrong with promoting content here? Isn’t that what the The Creator’s Corner is for?
It’s not any different from the players promoting their YouTube channels.

:diamonds: It’s a forum, everyone has the right to join any discussion
So, don’t tell people to “keep out” and that a topic “doesn’t concern them”. Especially when your attitude seems to be the wrong one!
And how would a topic about tips to create a successful alliance not concern the leader of a current successful alliance??

Honestly, just go and try to read the entire topic again from an outside perspective. Check what he did here and your reactions to that.

You don’t like the way he acts, or used to act, in the game?
  Fine, but this topic is not even about that. It’s about tips to improve a team, so don’t be off-topic.
You don’t like the tips he is giving?
  Fine, but be respectful. No need to start being rude and attacking a forum member the way you guys are doing.