Want to restore my account after reinstalling it

Hello, due to some technical problem I have to hard reset my set. And as you know, it will force me to uninstall all of my apps as they will no longer run. So I have to reinstall my apps again.

My question is after reinstalling this game how can I restore my account. I really don’t wanna start over as I’m at level 70. Thanks in advance.

If you use android, ios or windows pc you can store your game progress on the cloud, think on windows phone there’s not such option but I’m not sure. Or, before reinstalling the app you can transfer your progress on another RR2 account (you will have to create a brand new character and finish the tutorial), can be handy if you have any spare device. Or, after losing the progress of your game you can contact flaregames support and ask them to restore your acc (you will need to provide them with some information about your acc so the support can be sure it is your acc) but the whole procedure of restoring the acc by support team can take days, a week maybe, so have that in mind.

On Windows Phone, you reinstall the game and start with a new account, after finishing the tutorial, you’ll be offered to load the game found on OneDrive.

Thanks. Hope that OneDrive option is available…


bo to game settings and see if you have that option marked