War alliances matchmaking

Hello ,  

We faced for the second time in a row the same alliance which scored as much as the total of the three other alliances. 

This time we were located at the opposite position of the team so we suffered of attacks on both sides for three days long.

The defence bonus helped us on the last day, but I am wondering how this alliance was selected - why so much level difference.

I hope it will be better balanced next time 

We encountered similar disparity @thorgal, maybe not to the same extent, but we had an alliance opposite that scored 1/4 of both alliances either side of us, we scored 1/4 less than the top alliance but got annihilated as a result of this imbalance and bugs of course. 

I think a lot of this comes from alliances reforming swapping players - also alliances high up becoming ineligible for war and lower lvl alliances get sucked into the vacuum of the higher leagues, without the ability to fight adequately at that new lvl. 

hello everyone,  

As expected the matching in war gradually improved.

Now  as fine tune  I think there should be fewer teams going down  ( and up ) after each war season.

( 2 each For Hero league ? )

I meant the number could be decreased by 2

We were just matched against a team with twice as many trophies and ranked 10 in the game.  We are ranked 71.  Even in league wars there needs to be some sort of fair matchmaking.  We got two of the top teams last war as well.  Something needs to be done about evening out the difficulty from week to week.  Fine if we face a couple tough teams during the season but we haven’t faced any teams in the bottom half of the league (which is where we are). 

Hello, I have forwarded your feedback to the devs.