War and Conquest Matchmaking

It seems most people do not like the way the current war and conquest alliances are matched together.  It always seems you get a really tough alliance against some that are ranked much lower.  My proposal to fix this is that each alliance is given a score based on the XP of its members.  To prevent manipulating this, an alliances roster becomes locked 2 days before the event is started.  This means no accepting or kicking members.  Since XP cannot be manipulated downward like trophies, fiefdoms or conquest scores, it would give a fair and repeatable way to rank each member of an alliance.  After each member is ranked, a total score is given to the alliance.  Alliances with similar scores will be matched together.  Doing this will make every alliance want to participate in each event since what you do in a past event has no bearing on events in the future.  Since each alliance matched will have members of equal strength, each alliance has an equal chance to win.


ign: aldefed

I’m surprised there were no comments on this idea.