War Balance ..LOL Flare

HI All… HI @flaregames

I have a question to Flare…  But first. I watching some behavior since couple of the last wars … And about it friends from other Alliance …and they agreed with me…

So the question why shortly for war u are making Server Maintenance??  Hmm  . Wait…I can answer it for u… Tested with last wars. before playing with SB gear… to check. 

So i/m able to win with defenses with 800 medals… easily  . And then suddenly we have a Maintenance… And then …hmm. people who plying this game couple of years became in a second NOOB

They have Problems with winning at 200 medals lvl… Army barely Moving … soldiers are dying within second… ogres destroying 1 barricade 10 seconds…etc.

Why flare is doing this…Answer is simple… Game is getting old. not so many people buy gems like before… so   what we can do… FuC.ED up the balance…so they will start using…using gems=they will need to buy new ones…  @Flare   u think we are ***** and we do not see it ???   STOP THIS SHI…T PLEASE … PUT YOU FINGER BACK from war balance. GREED will be punished…remember it!!


I could be wrong here, but I assumed that they used that period of time arrange the match making for the upcoming Alliance War. 

Are you saying that Flare buffed defenses with the pre-war maintenance?

I didn’t notice any difference, honestly.


Thanks to the awesome Instagoyle boost, this was by far the easiest War period I’ve ever been a part of. This war boost is amazing for the offense and turns every defense into paper.

If they were trying to force us to spend gems in this particular war (for whatever reason) why would they give us Instagoyle? It doesn’t make sense.

This is one of the most powerfull offensive boosts in the game. If anything, they made this war easier/cheaper for everybody.

The server maintenance was just a server maintenance.


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