War blessing bug again??????

Hey OR team,

This is second time in a row that you have failed the trust of your loyal customer including mine.

Recently this team was demoted from titan League to League of gods.

They should not have chaos gate blessing but they still have it and played the war with it too.

I am literary fed up with this kind of attitude from Olympus Rising team.

War blessings are no joke and affects everyone’s game play.

(P.S. Also don’t bother to do anything about it.I don’t care now. :angry: )



One more thing this thing has happened before too and I also mentioned about it and FG in the end decided not to do anything about it. what a shame!



You will answer that:“They paid for it money, we can’t take it from them”. But on the map we are at war with them and we lose from it too. But nobody cares. The main thing is not to offend those who pay. It happens every season…

@Madlen still waiting for an official reply which sadly I know but still hoping FG would take action against these cheats or loop holes 

if the problem is that they have paid for the blessings, they can be solved immediately by reimbursing the gold they have paid to the alliance. If the developers do not do this simple thing it means that they do not have the will to do it … and maybe I also understand the reason

Yes the argument that the paid for the blessing with in game gold coin which you don’t have to pay actual real money for (gems) is a lame excuse. The loophole should be closed as it unbalances the war league. 

What about players that have to use gems to overcome the chaos gate, will FG refund them too! Fix this please, request for the 5th or 6th time…  @Madlen


Didn’t they already give their answer and say they weren’t going to do anything else about this?

That’s too bad. That they’re not going to correct their mistakes .

I’d actually be legitimately shocked if they had the ability to take away active blessings OR refund gold. There isn’t like a button to press to magically do any thing anybody dreams up in the game.

Its the exact same thing as items forged under the old system. It doesn’t matter how many times people complained about them, or how many times people made very good suggestions about how to put level caps or change the values or whatever. They didn’t have the ability with their existing tools to do any of that stuff. Just like they probably dont have the ability to do this. So they put the band-aid on the problem and it probably won’t happen again after these blessings phase out. Who knows.

My Alliance has spread to the League of kings. The reward for this League is baffa Sirens, Medusa, Charon Tower. Obtain a new buff my Alliance can only after the end of the season. And here we’re the losers. That’s clear. The way of the seasons.(Maybe the developers in the future will consider such cases)
It’s not that bad, but … We got an opponent with 4 military baffle of 3 possible. All because of the lack of a cap extension of military buffs.

When will this problem be solved ? On how many days you can renew military buffs ?

@ZuZuu FG doesn’t care about these cheats that are exploited by players.

Right now Olympus Rising is a game run by  propaganda.So forgot it bro, no point in is talking about unfair things.

I did it this for a month and look what result I got in the end,cheaters played the game with blessings which they should not have in the first place and FG supported such acts too.

I think there are 2 different things going on here. One’s a bug, the other is just a design flaw.

The bug is what you’ve talked about. They have stopped it from happening again, hopefully , but either they can’t go in and fix it, or can’t fix it without risking breaking something else worse. 

I think what happened to ZuZuu, though, is that an alliance in league of kings dropped out before war, so his alliance got promoted up from league of warriors mid-season. When that happens there’s no mechanism in place for those teams to buy the blessings that they would have earned if they had been promoted at the start of the season. That’s pretty lousy, and I hope they figure out a way to correct that.

Yes. That’s right. But they still have the demigod League buff.
To me, these buffs do not create problems. But I’m worried about my guys. Many hard to fight under such unequal conditions.

so you’re getting smacked on both sides!


Thanks for your feedback and sorry you are experiencing trouble. We have already issued an announcement about the War blessing bug earlier, which essentially said, we will not take blessings away from Alliances that have already paid for, but we made sure that it should not happen in the future again.

Is this a new question you have regarding the issue?


@HOLYDIVINE just a comment (and sorry if this is old): it is not only when alliances are demoted (if teams stay in their league - which is not possible for all of course - it is not problem… except): in titan league … right now it seems that there are more than one teams with the buffs from place 1-3. so at least this problem is also for players within titan leagues, not only for leagues below.

Good point. RS and GoW have a buff for first place. TBH and S.S.S.R buff for second place. But okay… let’s not talk about painful )

This is from forum-Royal Revolt 2:

They fixed same problem in RR2 ASAP but not in OR.