War blessing bug


I just noticed that there is no max limit on war blessings duration.

Last season End I proloneged all war blesisng for maximum priord of 45 days but now this limit is not appearing.

@Madlen could you please look into it.(if possible fix this bug and return our gold back to Treasury)

I have asked my team members not to prolong war blessings anymore.

Thanks in adavance :slight_smile:



Yeah there are some alliances that got demoted from certain leagues but have kept the important war blessings simply by prolonging beyond what should be allowed. 

Strange that FG didn’t notice this bug ?


The same thing happened after the first war season. 

Hi guys, I will ask our Quality Assurance team to have a look at it.

Thank you.

So over 10 days notice to remove a chaos gate blessing from Texas Blood Forge currently in 2nd league and you haven’t bothered to do that, remind us again why we post here? @CaptainMorgan, @Madlen.  War season has already started btw.

Yep they did played the war with chaos gate blessing.

I did meet few of thier players on my map with chaos gate blessing.They should not have that blessings at all this clearly a bug and I demand compensation for the teams that faced them in 1st war of the season


I can only ask for your patience at the moment, there are many people not in the office :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry about that.



there is huge bug with war blessings and I would appreciate any word from the developers are they aware about them?If they are do they have any plan to fix them?


I am constantly asking this question as all teams are badly affected by this bug.


I have met some players from Texas blood forged they still have chaos gate blessing even though they are in league of gods so why aren’t other teams getting same blessings.

I will ask my teammates not to take part in next war if this bug is not fixed by the FG before the start of next war.

It is bad when developers decide not fix such important bug.

Holy, np, we still can win. Let them use the ‘Bug’. They paid for it… GOLD lol


Thanks again for reporting that. We will look into it.

Its only been 2 weeks + advising about this; I think the devs have ‘friends’ in these alliances that take advantage of ‘bugs’. Who knows might not be a bug just a nice gift.

It’s been way more than 2 weeks. The bug’s been in place since the launch of war seasons. We’ve only had 2 opportunities to see it in action, though. 

in other situations we have seen that bug is the magic word, you write bugs and read … in another way ?

Hi there, we have fixed this so that it won’t happen again, but we won’t be removing the Blessings that people have paid for. In the end, it gives almost no advantage to the Alliances as, at the end of the next Season, they will be able to prolong these Blessings for this long anyway. We apologize for inconveniences you have had through this issues and hope that Hades stops messing with us!

@Madlen yes the ones that the alliance would normally win within the league that they are in, but as we stated many times, chaos gate blessing for an alliance in the 2nd league (where none have it (sorry just the one alliance) and it’s not possible to win)  is a big advantage individually (adds 300K health to the gate and slows/destroys your units/prevents them from even reaching the gate) and as an alliance; as during a multi alliance war a General would prefer to attack an easier opposition with less blessings, and certainly not blessings that belong on titan league.  

The problem wasn’t necessarily the prolonging of the blessing, it was having the blessings in a league that you can’t win it in the first place.

I have no idea why developers are favoring few teams?

While ignoring their rest 50k customers Lol

I am now convinced that developers don’t care about us and @vasudeva1 is right about them.


we care about all of our players. I am sorry you have the impression that this is not the case. :slightly_frowning_face:

However, please refrain from hijacking other threads. You can drop me a PM, if you want to give me more extensive feedback on how you feel. Thank you!

The error is not corrected. The alliances that have fallen in the League continue to enjoy the military blessings they had at the beginning of the season.

Hi, I think this is because the devs have decided that they won’t be removing the Blessings that people have paid for.  But the actual error will not happen again. Or do say that the error happened again?