War blessing duration


Just curious if the extra week off was taken into account when setting maximum war blessing duration? Because we still have 10 days to season start with 34 days left on the blessings. Looks to me like the blessings will run out at the end of war 3. Can this be fixed before the war season starts?


edit: Unless there is a plan to scrap the week break in the middle of the season?

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We have some at 34 days and the rest at 41 days 7 hours. Seems strange.

Well, with 2 wars left now (more than 2 weeks to the end of the season) we only have 9 days left on our war blessings. There hasn’t been a reply to my initial post. Are we just going to lose all war blessings for the last war or is Flare doing to extend the blessings by a week?


Just noticed this as well, but with 6 days on some blessings and 9 on another?

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@CaptainMorgan the war blessings are ending in just under 4 days for many alliances even though the war season won’t be over.

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Hmmm, that seems like a TOP priority to me!



Please solve this soon, were running out of time. This could f up the next war pretty badly

Though it would be nice to have a fix, I don’t expect this to mess up the next War. All allies are affected the same. It’s not like any ally is at any disadvantage against their opponent as a result of the timing error

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Not true, alliances have different timing issues already… some alliances war blessings are longer than others. Compare the pics above for an example. You can see Medusa blessing is longer than the other two in one pic while the other pic shows it shorter.

Not only that, but it messes the whole defense setup for everyone, so whoever uses the less blessings and has the most towers that don’t need them will be benefited.
Also, defensive blessings are much more important than offensive ones, which means attacks are gonna be easy to win

Sorry for the silence on this one, I’m afraid it is quite a complicated matter.

We cannot fix this before the weekend, but we will fix it on Monday and give you all several days of free Blessings as well as assuring that they can be prolonged until after the next War.


Ok, just so you know the war blessings for some alliances end on Sunday and will need to be reactivated

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Yes, this is unfortunate, but we will be reactivating those Blessings for you.


Hello all,

Are all teams affected by this issue ?!

Anyway, this is also the case for the FrenchTouch team (Gods League)

Thank you to prolonging the blessings :pray::pray::pray:

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alliance vittoria alata has the same problem

Well - Flare you have done it again. By ignoring this issue you have robbed many alliances of their war blessings ahead of time. What are you going to do about it @CaptainMorgan ??

It seems that if your alliance (like ours always does) extended the blessing out to maximum duration straight away then you got caught up in this. WE DID NOT HAVE OPTION OF EXTENDING A FURTHER WEEK - the tag line said “maximum duration reached” . I can see some alliances are not affected (I’m guessing they extended to maximum duration AFTER Flare delayed the start of war season by a week) but it IS quite widespread.

This is a further failure by Flare to address a problem in a timely manner - given it was raised above many times.

Not impressed with you guys yet again

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It’s very frustrating because I posted about this issue on August 5, TEN full days before the season was supposed to start and didn’t get a single reply until 2 days ago. There was plenty of time to fix the problem before all the blessings ran out.

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When will you be reactivating them?? They weren’t done even for nearly an hour after war finished.