War Blessing Durationn bug


We’ve just received some war blessings but, on going to extend the one in the picture. The duration is 1 day 11 hours at maximum duration. Why can this not be extended through to next war?




/sarcasm on

I would like to,thank you for your prompt response.

I take it you are simply waiting the day and a half (now 7 hours left) for this buff to wear off and will then tell us there’s nothing you can do to restore the buff we are unable to extend correctly.

/sarcasm off

Your customer service, as I’ve noted elsewhere, is sadly lacking.

Still no response and we have now only one of the blessings we won at the weekend as a result. A very poor return on 3 days effort. An even poorer response from Flare, though fairly predictable considering the total lack of service commitment shown.

Hey Davejr1200,

Apologies for the lateness in replying, it was necessary to make some quick last minute changes to the latest server update in order for us to be able to fix this issue for your Alliance. We have now reactivated the Charon Tower blessing for Red Squadron, and you should be able to prolong it as normal.

Sorry for the frustration this caused.