war blessing

What about all 6 war blessings  3 we can get in war …where to find other three and how 

hi, i just noticed rank 1 clans in war have had like more than 4 war blessings: barricades, charon, siren, prometheus and chaos gate activated at the same time. I attacked those islands 13 hours after the war, and barricades, charon are still in effect.


This is completely normal as they won these blessings in a previous war.

Once the War Blessings have been won, they can be prolonged until the next time they can be won again.

You can see for example that the blessing for the Sirens, Gate and Prometheus Towers can be prolonged for more than a week which means that you cannot win them in the next War but in a future one. ?

Ah i see, thanks Aly.