War blessings distribution

Hi there,

How would you guys imagine your ideal War blessing distribution? Would be cool to get some feedback below.

Thank you!

I think it’s fine the way it is, but if you had to change the system you could rotate the blessings each season so that all leagues got a chance to try out all the standard war blessings, at minimum over 6 seasons. 

Just keep in mind, though, that this will result in lower leagues getting lame blessings for seasons at a time, like Charon blessings without siren blessings. If the 3 new blessings are added it would be even worse, because those are significantly weaker than the standard war blessings. 

For those reasons I say keep it as it is. 

I think the current system is too limited.  (Assuming it was working as designed / intended ) the far majority of the alliances out there (95 … 99%??),  never receive their own war blessing.  They only time they would even see one would be some random island attack vs one of the preeminent alliances.  I understand the desire is to make the War Blessings feel special and rewarding … but as it stands, as an outsider looking in - it feels like some elitist self indulgence, ie: “We’re on the top - and we’re going to stay on the top, because we have something you can never get.” 

If you want to keep the War Blessings as seasonal - that’s fine, but I think they should be awarded based on individual war performance through the season.  Award minor blessings for winning Incursion & Duel, medium / better blessings for winning Confrontation & Campaign (perhaps minor blessings for 2nd place) - and then finally the best blessings for those that win all of their wars for the season.

I feel this would be far more engaging and rewarding than the current system.

That defeats the purpose of a point system over a season, though, doesn’t it?

This current war blessings system is very unfair,depressed,boring and discriminating.

Let’s be honest,it is too far from ideal and fair game/war gameplay for players in each league.There are alliances with extra war blessings in wrong leagues already,though. Even Titan league isn’t ideal when you distribute 3 new war blessing to only 3 teams.

So,every and each alliance should be able to win and recive each old war blessing for limited time.I think that war blessings were perfect just before version 4.0,where we could choose  which blessing we will prolong until the end of the next war and we had some chance to get that blessings almost every time.

Distribute at least old war blessings (Chaos gate,phalanx wall…) to all leagues and alliances could get them:

1.through placements,achieved place at the end of the war season , or

2.via number of total collected torches at the end of the season (adjusted for each league).

The new 3 blessings could stay in league of Titans.

Both of these things could discourage alliances from trying to be promoted to a higher league, which would end up making more lopsided matchups for weaker teams in each league. The second idea would be much worse than the first in this respect.

Just to make an example, you have a fairly strong team in demi-gods league. They can easily beat just about every other alliance in their league, and should move up at the end of the season. Lets say they can earn about 20 torches. In gods league they would have a much harder time against tougher competition. They might only be able to earn 8, 10, 12 torches over the course of a season. Why would they move up? They would get fewer rewards. The optimal move for them would be to score just enough torches to stay in demi-gods.

So that team would be smart to stay in demi-gods, where they can beat up on the weaker teams there. It would make the balance in that league off.

I don’t think so. 

There are already other significant rewards associated with it in terms of Gems and Titan Points.


When season system was being designed, I did suggest to focus on seasons prizes being things that did not impact directly on fights , to not keep making the already stronger even stronger. I remember even Morgan putting a like on that post.

But then when they were introduced we got this war bonus system… imho you should’ve given the bonuses according to the rank in each league, so also to give a bit of help to the freshly promoted that will normally be weaker than the others above.

And find instead some other kind of prizes for who wins on titan league.

Don’t you think that would create a disincentive to try and move up to the next league? Why move up and face tough competition — and lose, earning fewer blessings — when you can try and hang around in a lower league and bully weak teams to win all or most the prizes?

one of the main priorities of a league based system, in my opinion, is to ensure that there’s never an advantage to purposefully throwing matches. You can stay in a lower league to have easy wars if you want, but you’ll always get rewarded less for it. No exceptions. 

But that’s just my take. If team X can stay in their current league by throwing a match at the end and earn 5 war blessings, or move up and get the snot beat out of them just to earn 2 war blessings, they’d be smart to lose on purpose and stay where they are. That sucks for all the weaker teams in that league who really shouldn’t have to worry about facing Team X next season. 

The opposite … because if you want the full bonuses you kinda have to be on the top of the list. Which gets promoted. If you want the full bonuses, you have to aim to the top of your league.

It would actually, maybe, mitigate the fact that many alliances lurk in leagues that don’t belong to them … because if you do aim to “middle” list … fine, but you will get nada war bonuses. If you want them, gotta aim to top of list…

So only teams that get promoted get any kind of blessings? So like in Demi Gods league, 4 alliances get promoted. What does the 5th alliance get? 

dunno, an ice cream ? a cookie ?

I did not say only team that gets promoted. I said full blessing for top of the league, and less for the others. Can even be done by %, top one gets all, top xx% gets all but two, etc … below xx% you get nada. The point is giving a war-blessings reason for getting high in rank in your league, since obviously “promotion” is not an incentive for a lot of alliances.


The point is, if the 5th place alliance in league of demigods gets more rewards than the 20th place team in league of Gods, you made a pretty bad system that incentivized trying to hit that 5th place slot. And it sucks for the 20th place alliance in league of Gods who has to stay there next season and fight hard competition with no rewards. They just quit. The game sucks for them. You have four new teams being promoted to Gods league with full blessings for fighting weaker enemies, and that 20th place team is sitting there like a sucker. They had hard wars last season and they did enough to not get relegated, and what do they get for it? Nada. They have to fight against teams who were just promoted and have full blessings. 

People freak out (and rightly so!) on the forums because one or two alliances in a league have one extra war blessing. What do you think will happen when there are alliances with zero war blessing and full war blessings fighting each other in the same league? Disaster. Sorry. 

People freak out more - besides the still unfixed bugs for blessings which is SO DAMN SAD - because of 12 alliances with 6 weeks wall & gate blessings and the 24 alliances with 6 weeks with walls blessing. Those are the two blessings that really impact a lot, and people freak because only the two top leagues get them (plus all the bugged/cheater/exploiter/whatever).

If only the top for each league would get that kind of prize, it would be a prize players actually want, and it would reduce the number of alliances with it, making it more special, and making people freak out less. To be honest, I find it also unfair that everyone in a league gets the same bonuses regardless how good they performed. The only exception is titan league, but as you said, the new blessings for 1-2-3 are nothing that amazing.


I am not fan of this league system where team gets blessings just because they are playing in god league or titan league.

I still prefer old war system where blessings where distributed on seasonal basis.

Game only has four or maybe five teams that can get a shot at being top.

So no more new blessings for 100k players.

Only few have seen them and have used them.

I so disappointed by league system. I was forced to leave my old team , to join a top team ? .This is what is happening nowdays.

Good players are forced to leave their teams to join top teams.

Apples and oranges. 

You’re making war worse to fix a problem outside of war. In war, all teams have equal blessings other than the bugged ones, which people are exactly right to complain about, but are pretty rare. If you want to do something about matchmaking outside of war, that’s fine, but why make war worse to do it?

Well making war blessing as prizes was wrong to begin with, imho

The fact that only 2 of the 9 war blessings are really nasty to face is another issue that has never been addressed (with exception of syren+charon if you build your base on it ofc).

And the season system has an obvious problem besides blessings - many alliances do not want to get promoted. So, you say this proposal makes wars worse. I thnk it would spice them up a bit  instead. You want the wall & gates ? go aim for first place. Make it worthless to just sit in the middle of a league. 


Sitting in the middle of a hard league is often more difficult than being first in a lower league, would you agree?

If you get first in a lower league you’ll end up in the higher leagues at some point, as you always said, until everyone reaches its proper position


D. you are not *****, don’t pretend you don’t get what i mean here. The war system has way more issues that you can solve switching a blessing here or there. 
If for you it’s fine as it is ok, good for you, for me it’s not.


I understand you, I just think that what you’re proposing would be worse than what we currently have. And I think you’d agree after two seasons.