War blessings manipulation- must devellopers reacted or not?

Lets look a situation which hsppened wery ofen last time. To alliances had meet at war and in this war is decided who from this alliances will go after the end of season to a god liga, but at this war between an equal alliances one of them have a blessings from a god liga already. And ofcousse this alliance had won, another had lost a lot of gems and all tourches. This is situation. So my question is- must devellopers do something in this case: may be add tourches or anuliren results of war of this alliances or make something else to ewual this situation snd make a war honest? Today it is happened with my alliance and tomorrow can happened with you team, lets think what can we do, how csn we change it. Your opinions is very important for all of us. We must stop this and make our wars to be honest.

I also had write to support and wait of an answer. But lets tolk about thus…

Hi Barin,

We will fix the issue asap. We know it is not ideal and frustrating and try our best to fix it asap!

I have locked this thread, because you have opened a thread about this topic already. Please continue the discussion here:

Thank you!