War Blessings, trophy imbalance.

Hi guys,

This isn’t a moan, love the game, just observations.

The war blessings, due to the week break it’s a little unfair that the blessings last 2 weeks, some teams will enjoy full blessings while others have none, could the second, war free week ,have no blessings to create a level playing field and encourage more island attacks? I feel this would be fair and help people play more.

Trophy imbalance. I know this has been bought up before, but it’s not right that you can defeat all units and towers, kill the statue and get within a pixel of opening the gate, then show 65% complete (or similar ) and still lose 16 trophies, clearly you have beaten 90+% so could you redress this to reflect how much you’ve actually done? It will again encourage island fighting as I know many avoid 3 trophy islands for this reason, making leveling hero’s up harder.


Oh, the chest disconnection thing is still a thing, I currently can’t open one that says I’ve completed it…



Hey Stuart - thanks for the suggestion, a more level playing field for 1 week in 3 might be a good change. We will discuss it here.

Could you let me know your in-game name, and also which version you are playing? Also what is the task you are being asked to fulfil?

If you lose your blessings during the week off war, you won’t have blessings for the following war.