war blessings

Since the blessings have been revised (back some time ago), the blessings numbers no longer make a lot of sense. You see numbers like 0/4 or 0/6 when the blessing is not active and 4/4 or 6/6 when the blessing is active. There is nothing to indicate what the maximum level is for each blessing and how far you are in achieving this level. 

How about changing how the numbers work. You can tell when a blessing is active because it’s purple so you don’t really need the numbers to indicate whether a blessing is active or not. How about having the second number indicating the maximum level you can reach for that blessing and the first number indicating where your alliance is at in regard to this blessing. 2/6 would therefore mean you’ve achieved the second level of six possible levels. The blessing will be active when it’s coloured purple with a countdown timer.