War blessings

So after a last update i had understand that now alliances can not take a war blesdings to another liga if they was kick down to the smaller liga. And how can you explain that this alliance is not any more in Titan Liga but they still have a War blesdings from Liga of Titan. In my allance all blesdings from the season before are already finished and we get a new blessings and this us write. So why i must spend gems for atack players from this alliance if they have this cheat-blessings. I had understand that a new update was specialy to stop this. And i think if they still do this …this alliance must be total delited from a next war seasons and then they will understand that evrybody must play honest. This punishment must be done!!!

I’m pretty sure we will get a report from Madlen on Monday about this. 

I hope in it too

Maybe other 5000 gems as a gift…

Yeah this is just the latest chapter in the never ending war blessings bug.  It’s not hard to figure out who has blessings they should’t have, just the TL can be a bit more difficult as is based on the placings from the season before.

New war format is useless since any team can have the blessings of chaos gate even if they do not play in titan league. LoL

Yup, it’s been flagged many times . Completely unfair and somehow they keep failing to fix it.

So many people had answered to this topic. But nobody from alliance Nai Duniya. People from Nai Duniya- leader, captans and seample members. Do you have eggs just to answer where had you get Titan Liga War Blessing after your alliance has been moved to a God Liga?

Hi guys, We will investigate if the fix worked as intended. Please excuse that this may take a bit of time, as the majority of the team just got back from the Christmas holidays.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you!

Were the unearned blessings supposed to expire at the end of the last season? If so, we can save you some investigation time. It didn’t work. 

I would really think that there would be daily updates on this issue until it’s resolved. 

At end of this season seal go back in titan league, red squadron go back in top 3 and the “bug” is self-fixed… we talk about of 2 most ancient alliances, elite is elite!! 

Posting like this isn’t helpful. 

You are right, but they must also understand that they can not continue to give all the advantages to the usual “known” and think that other players are silent to suffer, these alliances have received 5000 gems, gold refunded and retain benefits undeserved

Pretending it’s a conspiracy isn’t helpful either. 

it is not a conspiracy, they have unwittingly made the mistake of repaying, as VOLTURES, we have suffered from this situation. like us, also other alliances.

if you then see that they are also repaid, the umpteenth disappointment is triggered. The alliances, like us, have made it known, for some time.

I agree with this. They’ve made mistakes in how this issue was handled. That’s different from a conspiracy or intentionally favoring certain players or alliances. Trying to claim conspiracy isn’t helpful and doesn’t get us any closer to a resolution. All it does is alienate the dev team and make them LESS WILLING to be open and transparent with us.  

for each season there are bonuses - put only blocks on each of them - if you come down those who are not from the league will automatically lock - if you go up, they will unlock - who paid them in full? FACTS THEM

it’s just simple

and you solved the problem… good day


ciao ciao Arte<3