War boost exchange

Hi guys,

Just wanted to keep you in the loop that we have removed the basilisk bomber boost from the upcoming war season (Rest in pieces).


See you in the forums,



Hey madlen…when will summer festival start ?

Eagerly waiting

Basilik Bomber? Never saw this. Was it a new boost for the Basilik Tower, cause it sounds awesome, but OP at the same time

Yeah, sounds awesomely irritating.

Unless it’s a boost for bomb tower that uses petrification bombs. That’d be…weird. :wink:

It’s slow causing bombs for the bomb tower, it was “not a fun” boost to face, probably worse than stargazer and death cry skull tower, but not as bad as burst bomber or uber LT.

Good decision to remove this. that sound a little too much OP more insane than stargazer.

Yes, I have also never heard about it.

Oh that’s a nasty boost!

It’s the same boost used in ninja island #28.

I kind of like it, it provides a good change of pace. Defenses get quite a bit harder though, so good call not having it on right now.



Oh yeah! I remember this boost now. We had it in a war a few months back. It’s VERY deadly when mixed with the range bomber!

You just use the bomb kick aura ring to counter this boost.

Stargazer Tower is worse than that, please think about removing it.

Although I can dodge the apocalypse, slow troops can not, and when a Phoebe appears I do not have troops to kill him. This thing can kill a wolf in a single blow, it’s very strong.

I love star gazer towers they make my defense buff!??? 

Nice one…

But most of us Dont…


Being an old player you must have heard about them…

Still, I have never heard of it. I think it was there then,

omega armor is why the prolonged pro is not in the league please do not add officials


I think the armor that everyone expects is long