War Boost Nerfs Palladin Stone Dragon,? 

Before the war boist for Palladin i was spawning three to six stone dragons per raid, but since the boost i am lucky to get one. Is it my choice of bases to raid, or has anyone else experienced this? 

Yes, same here. Have only spawned one Dragon in the many attacks I have done with triple boosted paladins!

I have not spawned even a single dragons raiding until the time is over. I have spawned over 60 paladins. But no dragons.

Same here.

I noticed it, too.

Long time i have notice. Cannot spawn 1 Dragon same if I summon 30 Paladin. Since i have the unholy boost. I have do only 1 Dragon.Same with triple boost paladin

@Madlen Could you respond to this?  Seems like there was an unintended consequence of the war boost on boosted paladins, making them weaker rather than stronger. You’d think speeding the little buggers up would mean more stone dragons, not fewer.

They may have done something so that the dragon energy grew didn’t grow OP. And like normal they went too far.

Hi guys,

I will check with devs and let you know.

Thank you for your feedback.

Madlen :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

There is no difference with the different paladins boosts activated regarding the generation of Dragon power. The gameplay is implemented like that: A smaller army of Paladins will produce less dragons. Since Speedy paladins run very quickly, what you might experience (and what we did experience as well in our tests) was the temptation to run ahead faster also, thus producing a less bigger army of Paladins and later producing less dragons as a consequence of this gameplay strategy. As a solution, the gameplay strategy to apply is to use the the Hero Scream and go back to the tent when your first Paladins run ahead, to build a bigger army that later will produce many Dragons.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response.  I greatly appreciate the change, and the added participation of Flare staff.

However, in my experience, this is not the case. In gameplay with bases that have many switchbacks paladins pass dragon power across path borders and that should offset the running ahead.  Also, I haven’t started running farther ahead and always scream my paladins back to me (it’s how I can spawn 6 or more in a raid) and still experienced this. In fact, the faster paladins should create more bunching because the paladins should be able to catch up when the king and troops are stuck in a corner.

Paladins are just dying more now

That Snake Tower boost can ruin half an army sometimes. And you can 5894946464541 MILLIONS of Paladins in your army, but Mass Hysteria will always aim for the one collecting dragon energy until he gets confusion.