War Boost! Prolonged

Dear Flare,

Get a freaking back bone. First you stated offical that war boost cannot be prolonged. So people get pissed, and complain.
then you say you cannot change it everybody will lsoe the war boost during next war.

NOW All of a sudden you do a update out of the blue, without any information your gonna get back on your previous statements.

Im leader of A.r. I prepare my team, we use all information you stated to be best prepared for war!

You cannot say A. then all of a Sudden just Do B!

we dropped these boost cause of your previous statements, now all of a sudden you changed it there for creating a unfair playground??

Do what you say, Or don’t say anything at all.


kind regards , A pissed leader!

Arabic Revolt

The award for most fuck ups in a single unnecessary three day delay goes to…

flare should need to focus what they are doing now. First announced can’t prolong for next war and now they did it and by doing this they totally make this season unfair.