War Break Not Required

Dear Flaregames,

I Have Been Playing Olympus Rising since 2016. The best thing in this game is THE WAR between the allainces…

But Since the new update this game has became a bit boring because there is no war for 12 days.

I request you to kindly do your survey again about the war break, as this doesn’t looks like a wise step to me don’t know about others.

1 Day war was useless and that’s the good thing that you have ended that. But there should not be a break longer than 6-7 days.

I am amongst the people who actually loved the break and in fact want to have this kind of scenario every alternating weekend at least (Hell, someone suggested alternating odyssey and war already, this would virtually make me the happiest user of OR for month to come). Thats just my take on it, decision is not ours after all.

i actually like the no war scheme but please not that too long…

How long should it be??? Do you want the next war to start mid week?

what happens now is like  skirmish -harbor -no war -harbor… a 5 days interval between skirmish is good, i guess… i just dont know how other players react with this but 10-12  days interval is too long.

That’s not how it goes at all.  It’s Skirmish->Campaign->no war->skirmish->campaign->no war. So two weekends with war, one without, then repeat.

Odyssey is still every week as normal.

Yeah, let’s tell it that but war break is long for 10-12 days interval, make it shorter…

How can you do that without having the next war start on a monday or tuesday?

I am fine with break​:v::v::v:

Double all of the timers and war duration itself? Would be long and somewhat sucky, but there will be an option to do prime-time attacks in place of your standard-issue mass ambushes. Crude idea for sure, but may just work (Although I would much rather stick to alternating weekends where we get one Odyssey and one War as a rotation. War can then be just the Campaign)

All  i want from the developers is to short then 12-14 days break to 7-8 days.!! 

You Guys are elites and have been along top guns.!! This break doesn’t affect you much because you already have reached 125-131 level.!!

But what about those who are at 70-110 level.?? 

To them, most of this game’s things are unknown still and they play mostly wars just to get chests for their Heroes !!

No war break for 12-14 days makes things boring soo much.!! 

I am 105 at the moment :). Really boils down to how good your team is and you are in particular, including guild rank I guess. Anyway, 4.0 would hopefully make it better for all.

I want war i just love war?

War is a great source of income… More chest more resources more gems more titan chest more chance for unique… I am not lucky in finding uniques … And i guess they should increase the chest in campaign 80K -85K or even 90K…

I agree with @RudraSain03, it should be around 6 to 7 days. This current break is 12 days long. Too long.

7 days off means war would start next Sunday and end on a Tuesday. 

And with the current war breaks, it usually ends on a weekend? @dumpster

Yes. They’re on a fixed schedule. 

Okay, well I guess a weekend ending is alright. 12 days break is too long but then a weekend ending is good too. So I am in neutral grounds as it is.

I question why they have the week off from war and then have skirmish next. If it was campaign next the break would be one day shorter, and the time off between the high stress Skirmish and the long campaign isn’t enough. That extra day is nice before skirmish. It’s completely backwards.

The order should be Campaign->skirmish->No war->campaign->skirmish->no war

i don’t like the long break in need more war chest and reward . now i get half of it because of 12 days break , 12 very long , 7 days will be prefect , 1 war each week  :wink: