War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

this is so depressing i m almost crying :slightly_frowning_face:

I am Fighting a team that has players between rank 68-74 level.While my team has all players above level +100 plus 42 members.Other team team doesn’t even have 20 members.

Oh gosh!!!what have you done @CaptainMorgan.My score will be lowest in six months.

Please place all team in correct leagues .please fix this mess.

I am not playing a war where I have to play all battles for 800-900 points only and that too in autoplay.??

This is a nightmare and I wish to wake up from it as soon as possible.

Why Flaregames you have ruined the game by placing strong teams with weak teams?

Same bug in Seal as well…

we cant see the strike!

@Infamous and @Tomaxo please merge this topic in war bug mega thread.

this happens when you do things in  a hurry … ???

After waiting 1 month, it make me upset to see this bugs, weird unbalanced leaques. In a leaque with Red Squadron. Currently Making war with alliances having 100k team points (1/3 of us)…At least we lost our attacks. Maybe KARMA… 

So this bug’s name is KARMA ??

Just when you think what was once a very good game couldn’t be ruined any more…this.  At least nobody is complaining about forging today lol.  Maybe that was their master plan all along.

Hey @Negan this happens when you “fix” the forging “bug” ?.


Me too hellslord and I am feeling sad today.???


I just changed my rating from five star to one star for Olympus Rising.

I wish I could give zero rating to this game.

First forge nerf,athena morale bar almost reduced to nothing,trophy penalty beaten by +25 ascenion level players for maximum trophies.

Now this disasterous war where all teams are placed in wrong leagues.


I am really disappointed by these changes or bugs or glitches. I don’t know what to call them.???

I’m a little bit annoyed that after all the great suggestions the devs were given about ways to make seeding an matchmaking fair and more interesting, they’re apparently back to just TORCHES. Why did this update take so long?

Agreed I will not play the current war unless flaregames fix alk this mess.

When I read all about this war its sad but that remember me how video game are made today. Doing fast with 200 bugs or more and buy 60$ extra DLC content who was already hidding in the CD. Worst pratical method today in video games. Hurry to program and release and at the final the product is broken. today where is the quality? if you find some must be really rare then.

Exactly,why three months were needed to bring a broken war format in the first place @CaptainMorgan?

You could have taken more time to polish this new war format and then brought this new update.

now every Olympus Rising update reminds me of Windows update.Every time a new windows update comes it brings more bugs and trouble for the users around the globe.

You think they hurried to release this? This is the first major update since Artemis came out last September. 

its obvious they don’t have take the time to test it. that why all the mess around now

We are currently without war, our strike is disappeared and no one has attacked us ???

I have no idea about game programming but is it so hard to request help from experienced players of OR for testing for future updates? I dont mean myself i am not a pro but i encounter this kind of request from another game test beta version / give feedback etc… There are serious number of players might want to help…

We’ve always been the beta testers for the game, that’s nothing new. I’m just a little underwhelmed by all of this. I wish they would tell us something about matchmaking or balance issues or what the philosophy behind this update is! They OBVIOUSLY spent a long time on it. There are MANY changes. Why did they make the choices they made? What were they envisioning as the goal of this update. I wish they would tell us. Right now it looks like a stinker, and I’m not talking about the bugs. But I’m sure I could be persuaded if it all wasn’t such a freakin’ mystery all the time.