War Cancellation

Hi all,

Unfortunately, due to the issues caused by the strain on the Server we have no choice but to cancel this week’s War.

We will solve the issues as soon as possible, and let you know how the War Seasons will proceed from here.

We have currently shut the Server down, and are preparing it to ensure that you can play without further issues over the weekend, we will start it up again soon.

You will receive compensation for the inconvenience.

- Your Olympus Rising Team

Another update. We have battled with several remaining issues, but now the Server is in a stable state again. 

The one obvious issue which will remain visible to you is that your Alliance name will not be correctly displayed in the Season Leaderboard. Do not worry, we have disabled this in the game code for now, your Alliance will function as normal.

Once again, sorry for the long night of issues.

Apologies for the silence since Friday, we are hard at work improving the server stability so that we can move forward with the Wars. I will be back soon with more information about the future plan and compensation for the problems we’ve had.