War cheaters

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guys, my son just showed me his opponent in war and from what I remember alliances with less than 8 active members are not allowed in war season , so what is explanation for this … see pics 



You need 8 to enter but can drop to 5 members

Crying baby everywhere

Its not cheating- game is allowing this, the question is is it fair and if it should be allowed

Look its called working around the rules.its lyk using tactics to their advantage.yes i knw its a cheeky one,bt its a part of the game wer u play nd try to outsmart opponents

He was confused about how it happened, and he asked a question.

how is that “crying”?

another cheating. after last update the rules were clear alliances with less than 8 players can not participate.

If there are 8 active players when server update starts for war, you will  be entered in the war. Once you are in a war, you are in even if players go inactive or leave.

Pic was taken 4-5 hours after war started.

Just asked a question not even for me …  got answer from next post and it is ok … so if you have nothing constructive to say … you know the rest … 

Thanks @Odkim @TRuNNioN And yes @bigfastfox a question of this being fair remains 

You didn’t ask, you accused this alliance is cheater

Maybe I should change post title shouldn’t use cheater in there … if I offended any one ( including cheaters, rulers benders, loop hole finders) I would like to take this opportunity and from the bottom  of my hart express my apologies to … absolutely nobody … next time I will make sure I use same language … but other than that it was a question 

so now topic is over LOL 

Here the information about war season changes. It clearly says that skulls earned when a team drops under 5 participants no longer count and that the team cannot declare war any longer. This means 5+ members are fine. 


You are welcome, I remembered it was in one of the official announcements announced, didn’t know which one, but ok. Most important is we have the info

Yes I agree