War chests

Could you make the Titan war chests have more incentive like the sea Titan chests do.


Sea chests are harder to get. 

I guess? getting two a week is very very easy to do… 

Just more incentive for earning extra vp. Like it’s cool that out of each war you get one kinda good Titan item and two that’ll be forge scraps. But like the rewards aren’t enough to get some people to even try in war, and I’d like someway of boosting participation, and increasing the personal gains will help every allaince maintain better participation.

Even something like you get this “title” for reaching X amount of vp in the season. Idk just want more players to participate 

Maybe they should add a box of cursed items after last titan chest to prompt players to fight for them hard.

This reward should be in two day or three day wars where players feel tired and bored to play the war.