War Commitment

Hey valiant warriors,

Let’s see how much you’re committed to your Alliance with this poll.

? ☺️ ⚔️ ? ?

Yes but it stinks

Lol, what stinks? War, your alliance or the poll?

Strikes ending at 3am

Don’t know I don’t sleep on days when war is going on.

I hate alliance wars event with bugs or matches between mismatched alliances.

Lol, did you set the alarm for 2am then? Maybe I should change the question to “in the middle of the night”.

Wow, a true valiant warrior.

Ok, I will add another choice based on your answer.

I always have.

  1. End of Battle

  2. Declaration 

Like I did in RR2. I will never wake up during the night just for a fictive War in a game. When I sleep its for 8 hours and I will do my fight only when I wake up 8 hours later. Whatever the result of the War. I like to be Rank 1 in a War and always win but not if you need to wake up during night or in a inappropriate time

One word.


Maybe this is why everyone leaves your alliance. No pain no gain.