war cooldown

what is the deal with the cooldowns ??


comon flare i joined anouther Alliance with other people . i stil cant help with war and people who came hours or even a day later can participate ???

when are you getting things straight and bug free . this is just stupid again. like all stuff you implent there is Always problems …

maybe wake up and spend some money to make the game playable same for everyone instead of letting players pay more and more money … its a game and not only the ways you get your money need to work 100% also the normal things in game must work 100 % or dont put it in there … is it bad coding , bad management or just not interesting enough. if it is say so so so that people know that you dont care for players and atleast have a good choice to leave the game …

fix stuff so that is it same for everyone and not random or whatever . cause this is getting verry irritating.

When you fight for an alliance, and join an another one, you have 60 hours cooldown.

Second Mik0ukiou,


And, if you are not in an alliance and join an alliance, you can start participating immediately.

As long as you have not won skulls for another alliance prior you can win skulls right away, If you are jumping to another alliance after raiding in wars prior you cannot win skulls for currently 60 hours.

Who knows what the rules are. Flaregames has no information on this and a lot of other things. Who knows what the rules and stipulations really are. The only thing we truly know is that if you are apart of an alliance and leave it to join amother, you have to wait 60 hours. Unless you fall trap to their buggy system and then you could be waiting 3 weeks or 2 months to gain skulls.

I have several members that left an alliance outside of WAR SEASON and joined mine. They were in the same 60 hour trap.

You’re wrong Joekee. You can be part of an alliance X when war starts, and win skulls for an other alliance Y. The cooldown begins only if you win skulls for alliance X. Then, if you go to alliance Y, you have to wait 60 hours.


Just stating what I have seen. This may be the way it is supposed to work but not what I have witnessed. Even with my alt-toons, this has not been the case. Just like those that cannot collect skulls for 3, 4, or 12 weeks, does this make you wrong or just another bug in Flaregames’ system?


Really CHlLD!

Yes Miko is 100% correct.

The cooldown starts on your first attack in alliance wars.

Many people have confirmed this.

I say this because I already did this :grinning:

Thank you for explaining this! This makes sense, because I have tested this out as well, with friends that came directly from other alliances, but could still participate in the next war, with no cool-down.


The cool down period is rather confusing, but I do seem to agree on the fact that 60hr cool down is counted from last skulls won. So some players may have the cool down period finished earlier. Also a player who hasn’t played in the war can join and earn immediately.

I think the player needs to be in before the war starts or he cannot score in the war.