War Defense Not Staying Selected

War Defense shows selected after choosing one. But after logging off and on again, defense seems to unselect itself and needs choosing again


@RyanPlegics You have to go to War Season Overview. The place where you select your heroes for war. From there you will be able to select your war defense. It should then be sticky on other screens.


It is probably staying selected. You can check by going to your defenses, selecting the Roman numeral and then clicking the W.


every time you exit the game and re-enter the data is canceled … this is a problem … they have to fix the choice


It may take a moment to update the defense for you, depending on whether you are currently under attack, but it will be updated. Logging of and on again will not force the update, but if you leave the game for 10 or more mins and then return, it should certainly be updated.

I select defense and it looks accepted:

But it never seems to retain the defense selection for me. Going away for 10 minutes has no impact either:

On this screen, you only copy a Defense into your War Defense. You can do this as many times as you want, it does not remain selected.

Tapping on a button here copies the defense and your War Defense should be updated when you look at it on Mount Olympus.

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