War during Odyssey

@CaptainMorgan  I am very happy that we will finally be able to fight in war again and I also appreciate that war will start on Wednesday for full support by FG. The only concern I have is: Will war heroes still not be able to fight in Odyssey? That would mean that we have to finish Odyssey in a bit more than 2 days…

Yes, I appreciate that Flare want more weekday time to fix potential bugs with the upcoming war, but trying to complete the Odyssey in two days is ridiculous.  Obviously one could do very low levels in order to finish, but it’s very frustrating not being able to do it properly.


Please at least make an allowance this week to let us use war heroes if necessary for Odyssey.

Or they can reduce of the cost Odysseys by 30-40% for the next week.So that those who do eight,nine or ten skulls won’t be forced to do seven or other lower skull odyssey.