War enhancements getting carried over seasons!

i had a charon health war enhancement by 50% from previous season that was supposed to end couple minutes before the end of first war of this season, some hours before that expires we won that same enhancement type by 3% again, the value summed up of course but…
after war i realized ““that 50% war enhancement from previous season”” somehow got extended in time as well! by wining that new 3% and never expired at it’s given time, now after 3 days it’s still total 53% for 40 days to come instead!
this is a huge bug. it can create a never ending loop of an enhancement that lasts and sums up over and over through seasons.
to fix this we have to end and reset all war enhancements by the start of the first war of each season so they wouldn’t be carried over like this.

this happened for one of my enhancements while didn’t happen for another which had exactly the same situation which makes this more weird.


And so things get even more interesting… thanks for notifying the dev staff

Seconded. The phantom blessings stay with the player, not the alliance, also. You can take them with you.

thx for reporting. i.d.k. why thing like this are so hard to implement correctly. there is a timer till end of the war, the time between end of each war and the next seaon is also fixed. so once an island is conquered, take all this times, substract 1-2 hour just to be sure and with the start of every season we have a fresh, clean start. same for prolonging extra war buffs for places 1-3… cut everything longer as the max. allowed time - just a few codewords, not even a whole line needed, imho.
or maybe it has to do with moving players, as dumpster mentioned. very confusing, very poor, very disapointing.

edit: seems like i also have one enhancement with a high value. did not pay attention before your post.



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is caused by a slight error in the way the Enhancement timings are calculated, which we will fix this week. In order to stop the problem from reoccurring we will also be delaying the next War Season by one week. Unfortunately we cannot fix the error for this Season.


You mean the break will be 2 weeks long ?

That is correct.

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