War event

How is it possible that in a war event you have to Fight as a allince with Level 18, with alliances of Level 36 and 40. in this Alliance with level 40 all Players Are minimum with 2300 throphys. In Our Alliance the highest Person has 2100. we have no Chance, losing Money and throphys. Very Frustrating and Makes no fun. I thought that in a war we are nearly same Level alliances. 

You don’t lose Gold from war fights though.

Just saying :wink:

You loose Money if you loose the war in different ways. It would take a long time to explain you. But anyway, thanks for answering directly to question. 

But honestly its been like this for years. If you remotely similar fiefdom count as the others youw ill be in the same map pool. That’s just how it is.

We dont have anything similar with the other alliances. You cannot win a war with 23 members against alliances with 45 members. I dont want to accept this because its unfair. Just because „it is so“ I do not have to approve it. I want to understand, but i can’t, because nobody can explain it to me. “That‘s just how it is“ is no explanation.

Advocate of the devil answer: You don’t get to say what’s fair/acceptable or not. Flaregames does and does so solely. Flaregames is the only party you could get answers from. Yet I doubt that answer will be given on this forum by a Flaregames rep.

Perhaps you jumped the gun on entering alliance wars?

Also don’t get frustrated/mad/annoyed etc. Get informed. Then make the call to move forward.

Not a fight with same fiefdom points. Sometimes 20fiefdom alliance may fight against 30fiefdom alliance and the result is obvious from the start of season

A temporary solution, you can try to find Irmgard pal and up him at level 6+. Combine with Toxic Cloud with over 2 seconds slow down. His power will allow you to destroy everyone during War Season. I am at 1,100 trophy and destroy 1,800-1,900 without any problem. You slow all during the time Irmgard destroy all with his power.

My alliance lvl is 70 and rank around 60 and we had to fight les francais (rank 3) and other top 20 alliances. What a joke! 

You need to post the map and fief counts of each alliance if you want to complain effectively.

It doesn’t make any difference If i Post anything more or not. It doesn‘t change anything at the actually war Event.  We had to fight as a new Alliance with 23 members Ranking at 1526 against an Alliance with 44 members Ranking at 303. their members have all Minimum 2400 throphys up to 4098. In our Alliance the best member has 2004 throphys.  After two rounds we were destroyed. And here it is said to me, not to be frustrated?!?  This is the better joke my  Friends.