War - Game Mechanics

Hello FG,

I might get alot of rant for this but here goes - I would like to fight all alliances in war, big or small, no matter. So whatever you are planning to do with match making system, please don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: remember how trophy system became fixed but turned into a tedious grinding process ? I am sure not many of us would like that to happen with wars too.

What I suggest is implementing a new game mechanic : morale.

Simply put, if a smaller alliance attacks a bigger alliance, it operates at, say, 150% efficiency (units). Same would go for defense. If a bigger alliance attacks a lower level alliance, it will operate below 100% efficiency.

Ofc the multipliers can be tweaked depending on alliance levels or trophy points.

The idea is to create an even playing field and encourage all alliances to participate and initiate strikes at whomever they choose to and not just alliances they are certain they can easily take down.

I disagree. A level 21 alliance should not have to be matched up against level 6 alliance knowing that there no chance in winning that fight. The fight match up should be between alliance of similar levels.

You do realise it will get very stale, very easily that way ? You 'll end up fighting the same alliances over and over again.

Atleast my suggestion would give a fighting chance to the level 6 alliance pitched up against the level 21 alliance.

Define bigger or smaller alliance?

by alliance level? by trophies’ amount?

what’s there to prevent alliance to keep their alliance’s level and members’ trophies low so that they get the +150% efficiency or whatever benefits to be paired against the “bigger” alliances then?

I suppose it has to be a mix of both. Say you give them an aggregate score based on their ratings of trophies and alliance levels. 

The problem with the current method is:

a) The same alliances at the top will fight week after week

b ) The top alliances will take all the people with 3 heroes from other alliances if they can’t compete. Just look at Seal this week taking 7 players from Blue Linevsimply because they finished 3rd this week and couldn’t compete with Red Squadron.

This is a great game; however war is not competitive and unbalanced.

The problem right now is that Gems have a significant influence on war.

1. Getting the 3rd Hero cost a lot of gems, and not many alliances can bring 3 heroes.

Let say 40 active people have 2 heroes get about 80,000 points vs 40 active people that have 3 heroes get about 120,000 points

The 3rd hero is a big factor for alliances and can make a big difference.

Solution: Make prestige more easy to get by winning from chest, bonus chest, and buying gold chest.


  1. To activate the 3rd hero for war, Celestial Boost cost 500 gems, and not everyone can spend that much. So, if you don’t bring your 3rd hero for war it give your alliance a disadvantage.

Solution: I think the celestial boost should not be a requirement to activate the 3rd hero for war. OR make the Celestial boost 50 gems for 3 days, which is more reasonable.

As of now war is not competitive, boring and dull. Only few alliances that have most 3 heroes players in their alliances, and most alliances still have 2 heroes which makes it unbalanced.

War should be fun, competitive and balanced. So, developer please do something about this issue, otherwise people will just lose interest in this game.