War gear change

War is probably one of the most boring for choosing gear and for most players a equal king level or down-fighting setup.

What I would like to suggest is the following

An additional slot for placing skull gear and when fighting in war the skull perk amt would be obtained from this.

Any other setup could then be used and just like any other fight in the game a customized gear setup could be used for each base if needed.

Right now its a pretty boring … yeap this is my sub-par gear which I select  players that are appropriate for that gear for 5 entire days,


with more boosts being available I think this is doable and a simple but fun change to war.

It’s also part of strategy to reforge items and get skull perks on good items. Mine are all at pretty good items ( 2 times leadership, triple scream, firestorm, kickback aura) and I add items with good stats, like scream plus leadership. Even my speed boots have leadership.

Nowadays players start to reforge pro items and even replace both perks (leadership plus skull) to have a much stronger wardrobe. It costs some gems, but once you reforged an item, you have a pretty combo. 

In my case, I now can raid without blizzard and replace it by hammer or sonic. Especially reforging items with fantastic or unique first stat can be a game or war raid changer for you.

When you fail on some bases, you should wonder what the reason is. In my case it was losing a lot of time by  protecting my troops against incoming projectiles or even losing my troops due to that. My solution was the kickback aura, so I bought it from pro shop twice and created skull perk on that. I will definitely fail on some bases, but not due to incoming projectiles killing my main army. 

I still thing all those things will occur as PRO gear offers the best SP. actually you may do multiples one for sp and one to wear?

Whatever you choose as you war base gear in the end its just a mediocre middle road setup thou it can be good given enough time.

really My point was to make it like any other fight where the gear you use is important and done right is fun.