War Gear!

The disparity between skull gear and non-skull gear keeps on growing, with the pro items, it’s now even greater, and makes war battles a chore rather than fun.  Any plans to rebalance these a bit?

I’m not so bad as others, but people will leave the game rather than start perking a new pro item when there old item is at +200 (and it would be nicer if there was an upgrade path from old items to pro).

I’m also lucky I didn’t start perking the first pro skull item I got, or I’d be stuck at the 29% scream instead of the new base of ~33% (when these changes happened in the past, one forge was enough to re-base an item, e.g. when 4-500 was added to the health perk values or when life drain effect was doubled, a single forge added +80 for life drain then future perking went back to normal).