War Gods

Hey All,

I am Bellylint24 from War Gods, a hyper active , and competitive clan. We are currently ranked 11th or so(and climbing) in the game. We are looking for active players that will be progressing as quickly as we are. We currently have set of a Group in a chat app (LINE) so that we may further open communications. We are primarily English speaking but as the game has no real need for communication yet, we aren’t opposed to taking players that have limited english language skills. Anyway we are a fun positive bunch who try to help each other whenever we can and welcome you to apply. Thanks for reading!


***Currently Full Capacity: Willing to consider expanding alliance for players with Ascension Lvl 30+ looking to join ranks***

Sister Alliance: “War Godz” - They will be in the Same Line Group, purpose is to help you progress through the game. Had a friend create it who needed an alliance but wasn’t strong enough to make our group. 

I encourage any players qualified or not looking for a strong player base to download the Line Chat App and add my ID bellylint28. I can add you to our alliance group chat even if you are not in the alliance. We want to help develope and share tips and tactics. Fun bunch I swear ?

Good luck to you and your alliance! :slight_smile:

@ MrSpanky - and to yours as well good sir!

I am an extremely active player. I am a team player and a long time user of LINE for my gaming chat groups. Just came out of 2 years on Dawn of the Dragons and found this game which I love, I’ll be around for a long time. I’m looking for a strong alliance that has requirements for it’s members. I like what I saw in yours. please hit me back if your interested in my application. 

I’ll join your guild :slight_smile:  if I don’t get accepted by these other ones. Level 21 Ascension 1737 trophies :slight_smile:  IGN is MrSpanky 

If you need a solid member with 1500 trophies and 21 ascension level, send me an invitation !

I am ready to invest myself in a good alliance, and have fun ! :grinning:

Contact me IG : Parian

Good Afternoon, 

First off thank you for your interest in joining us. We are operating at full capacity but as I mentioned we are hyper active. If you can be patient we keep a close eye on player progression and kick the players that lag behind due to inactivity. As those spots open I will invite you in the order you have applied to us. In the meantime add me on the Line App. My ID is bellylint28 and I can immediately add you to our alliance group chat. There you will find helpful tips and tactics, posts of videos on how to use certain powers properly, how to conquer Gorgon Islands and coming soon…the minatour islands. You are also able to ask questions, get feedback etc. We are a helpful bunch :grinning:

I added you on LINE :grinning:

See you soon


My ID on LINE : Parian

Full up again but feel free to add us on the line app. We have players working themselves into the alliance and I enjoy having a social chat room for the game :slight_smile: