War heroes discussion

I wanted to start a discussion about which heroes people consider the best to go to war with
I started thinking about this because when I started playing I thought everyone would just use Perseus Ajax and Hercules, which are the ones I used in every single war until now. But since my Athena is about to be lv 20 I’ll swap Ajax for her from the next war on as I consider her better than Ajax(I have her wings)
But I’ve seen a lot of ppl talking about other heroes being good with some uniques, or even without them, like Achilles, ariadne, Helen, cadmus, Jason… But I haven’t bothered forging them too much to test out.
I would like opinions on which heroes you use as your war heroes, and why you consider them your 3 best(uniques, perk combinations, etc…)
Hope to see a nice discussion here!

I use Cadmus, Ariadne, and Hercules most wars, but in the past 6 months or so I’ve used Athena, Odysseus, and Helen. I might bring Achilles one of these wars soon after I fix up a couple of his items. I haven’t taken him in ages.

Can you expand on reasons that make you use one or the other? Strengths and weaknesses from specific heroes?
I have lv 20 Perseu Ajax Hercules and 19.5 Athena. I created this as I want to figure out which will be the next hero I work on

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Also, i have both uniques for ariadne, but i havent worked on her much, it’s my first choice at the moment, but she dies SOOOO MUCH, it’s so annoying. Can you send me a picture of your setup for her and some tips?

I use Herc, Perseus and Cadmus. I’ve used Athena too but haven’t had enough items to keep her up to date.
The uniques are mostly not needed I’m not a fan of either of Athena’s uniques. There are some good uniques like Cadmus CD, Ariadne Leadership, Hercules Demolition and Frostbite, Perseus Shield, Helen Boots.
Regarding Ariadne I think high leadership and CD makes her an awesome hero and will also keep her alive longer.

I like Athena’s wings, looking forward to refining demo and CD on it too
I have ariadne boots and gloves, but she just dies so so fast I don’t really know what to do. Why would cooldown and leadership help her stay alive? Bia?
Probably cooldown cape, cooldown atk speed rings, but what about weapon and gloves? Should I get some life steal to help her stay alive?

Putting demo and cd on the wings is an expensive solution and only useful for Athena.
I’m no Ariadne expert but have some teammates saying leadership and CD protects her from dying.

I’ve never had any problem keeping her alive except against GKs, and that’s only if you don’t give her some physical resistance or reflection (or both). I know her dying is a common complaint, but mostly it seems to be from players who forget about healing their heroes with spells or units, or who don’t play her often and use her in the odyssey with outdated gear. She doesn’t have naturally high health, so it’s important to stay current on health equipment. I think she’s easily the most powerful hero.

Thats Nice to read since I have both of her uniques. I’ll get my Athena to 20 and start working on her next. How would you build her without any refines or cursed items?also which spells do you use other then bia?

She has two of the useful uniques, although you could probably get away from her boots if you put stun in other slots.

I wouldn’t outfit her without refined items. I put refined items on every hero. The tools are there for you to use. Stop leveling up so fast!

Asclepius and pheme are both good choices for 3rd spell. Try both and see what works best for you. Damocles could work too I suppose.

I’m gonna use pheme then, because my asclepius is not leveled too much. My temple of 12 is gonna be ready in 4d12h and I’ll keep speeding through levels until I’m near max for the lv12 temple(which by my estimations is something like 117-121).
When I get to that point I’ll use all my gold and books for forging and refining, let’s see what happens. I’m already making the gold 5stars for the uniques, demo atk spd fb for Hercules claws, potency demo cd for Athena wing and speed reflect and fb for Perseus boots. What would you say I should try to refine a lot into ariadne? Probably reflect and cooldown In most of the items right? Some leadership spread around too
Could you send a screenshot of your current items for her? If you could send your Hercules too I’d appreciate a lot. Thanks dumpster!

Don’t bother too much with refining uniques. It’s not really worth it. Maybe it is for the less useful ones, but I’d never want to water down the good perks on a unique by refining them. I put lots of cooldown on all heroes.

That’s the main reason I want to refine Perseus boots and Athena wings. Not sure about Hercules claws yet tho. Do you use cooldown on Hercules too? I normally focus more on attack speed because of demolition claws

I put cooldown on every hero. Don’t be afraid to not use Athena’s unique cape. Potency is not a particularly good perk. Cooldown is much better and much easier to get.

Would you say a normal cooldown cape refined with demo and something else would be better than her unique wings refined with cooldown and demolition?
I tend to think that those wings would be really good when refined

I’m probably not as high on demolition as some people. I don’t think you need a ton of it. I do think you need a ton of cooldown.

Every single hero in this game is amazing.
I am big fan of Achilles ,Ariadne and Perseus but use all twelve heroes in wars :smile:.
I farm trophies on autoplay with Achilles and Ariadne everyday.
They are perhaps best heroes of OR in my opinion. Here are some of my latest raids video against very good players of OR.(I used Ariande and Achilles on autoplay and they both did n’t die too)


I can talk about Ariadne, who farmed most of my trophies.

To keep her alive you need some sort of fire and poison resistance (either the elements or via DR). You can’t really avoid the Iapetos and Hydras. You can dodge the spikes of the Apollos (needs some practice) or simply approaching them with the troops (don’t go there alone unless you are willing to do the dodging thing). The Apollos will fire at the troops instead of your hero, which is one of the reason why leadership helps.

But the true reason why we talk about leadership and CD for Ariadne is that she’s only as good as her troops, so you need high leadership. High CD is not only for BIA but only for either Asclepius or Pheme, depending on your setup vs. the opponent’s base and GK. You need to know how to use her, but imo she’s among those who don’t need big investment (in forging) to be decent.

You see a lot of Heracles and Cadmus around: they are heroes who become instantly decent once you get their uniques. If you want to take down the hardest GKs (not now but in the near future) then Heracles and Athena are on the top of the list: they are reliable, and require less investment to achieve it compare to other heroes.

In out team we value the fun factor, so you can see Prom, Odysseus, Achilles or even Ajax among the best attackers.

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Thanks for the videos holy. Your Ariadne is insane, same for Achilles. Could you send a screenshot of your item setup? Just so I can see which perks you use. I noticed you have a ton of stun from the second GK(he couldn’t move :sweat_smile:)
Those videos made me want to forge my ariadne up, not gonna lie haahhahah

Yeah, I’ll never drop my Hercules, as I have his claws. I made this post because I’m trying to figure out where I should spend the most resources in forging. Feels like ariadne is my best choice since I have both her uniques and people seem to agree that she’s really good.
I’m pretty sure my problem is not having enough cooldown and also that I haven’t leveled the asclepius spell, which should help me a lot