War: Honor mention to PK: Laughing Coffins

In the current war, 4 alliances are ranked 500 - 600 ish and one is 50-60 ish. 

No doubt that alliance (PK: Laughing Coffins) has been wipping all other alliances very easily.

But I want to mention they did it with a great honor. 

I have noticed they attacked a single fiefdom of each other alliances to keep the war balanced for 2nd and 3rd place.

So thank you PK: Laughing Coffins for the way you played it. 

I wont say it has been a pleasure to be kicked 80 000 - zero, but close enough :slight_smile:


Leopold VI, Les Bannis

PK: is a newer alliance so we are just gaining fiefdoms right now. Had to start from 3 which is very annoying.

Hopefully if we hit everybody once 2nd and 3rd will go to whoever deserves it.


But don’t worry PK gains as many fiefdoms as possible every war so they will be in tough wars soon. ;]