War Improvements for v5

So here’s a few suggestions now that we have the new enhancements active, I put a brief explanations regarding each suggestion.

  1. Hero VP bonus for chosen hero: So each week FG announce 2 chosen heroes for the upcoming war/season whereby a small 10-15% VP bonus is granted for using these heroes. The 2 chosen heroes nature could be selected randomly by FG. Currently every man and his dog uses Cadmus/Herc/Percy…with a few using rarer heroes. These should probably be rewarded due to higher difficulty investment needed. This will add more strategy to VP calculations of islands etc, and make it easier for lower league players to gain more chests, and keep the interest going with all heroes rather than just a few.

  2. Small VP bonus linked to clearance time of base. Ranging from 1-5% depending on how much time left over at the end of the battle. 1min + =5% bonus 48s+4% bonus 36s=3% bonus…etc separate the top dogs in battle more effectively rather than pure randomness with bonus VP box. Again this will add more in depth strategy to VP calculations and allow lower lvl players to access higher value chests in war, if they are good enough! Also makes speed perk an interesting choice/or not!

  3. Introduce a ‘code of war conduct’ to all leagues: to be honest this mainly applies to TL due to the political nature. But now with enhancements being granted, we have seen extensively even in just one war several cartel alliances exchanging islands freely for enhancements without firing shots (last war counted at least 4 islands that were given away). Leads to abuse of the system. If such things are found, removal of enhancement/dock torches.

If #3 cannot be implemented I also then suggest:

  1. Increase the size of Titan League from 12 to 18: currently there is a cartel of about 6-7 alliances together in a league of only 12 alliances. Leads to comical wars where 3 alliances struggle to give away islands (gaining free enhancements in the process) to reach the 4th ‘unlucky’ alliance. Hopefully with increased size comes less collusion or chance of this happening.

  2. Increased skull resistance to increased incoming strikes: I said this several times before and is relevant even more so now. With each subsequent ‘live’ defensive strike a resistance bonus should be granted to the defender to hinder ‘ganging’ of multiple alliance. Possibly an increase of 8-10% difficulty per additional strike would possibly act as a deterrent and help a ‘fairer’ war.

I like this idea, but it might really hurt lower level players who struggle to just prepare 3 heroes for war. One chosen hero might be more realistic. I also think there are many more than 3 heroes who are popular right now.

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Very good ideas.

Teams ganging up on other teams is a part of the game but the league needs a more balance.

When two wars are multiple team wars there has to be a way of not making them decisive the way they are now. As it is now a season can be ruined by one bad matchup.

I suggest a league with seeding like the World Cup.


It could be 1 Heroes in the lower leagues and 2 in TL.

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I absolutely do not agree to expand the League of Titans to 18 teams. In the league of titans there are players who have been there for over a year between mergers and alliance changes. Bringing other teams that have not had a year of benefits means bringing sacrificial victims to the elite lords. Dear @Philstar , now that your alliance will be downgraded, do you want more teams? You talk about a cartel of teams you belonged to. The Titan League is an exclusive elite with rich bonuses and must therefore remain restricted to a few alliances. My alliance and I do not let ourselves be dazzled by the League of Titans like so many of my former comrades have done.

I don’t know if I agree with your tone here, or most of your post, but it does bring up a point: chosen heroes in war would make war very interesting for players who are established in their league (whatever league that is), but it makes it harder for new alliances who get promoted. Something to consider.

I like this idea, too, but what if it was reversed? Defenders could earn VP for their team based on how long it takes players to beat them.


I have not spoken of heroes chosen in war, an idea with which I can also agree. I talked about a league of titans. I do not agree to extend it to 18 for the reasons I have explained and that you know very well.

I hate 3 vs 1 war in titan leagues😟

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Actually in the titan league are just political wars. It would only take 1 vs 1 wars where the winner is the best team and not the best speaker…


Where is the skill here? Is a 150 vs 50 and stop.


I know, I was saying that your post sparked another idea.

The 18 in a league was just a suggestion to avoid total collusion of over half of titan league, the fact that my alliance may go down wasn’t a factor in the suggestion, and would need some more classic FG matching for that to happen.
There are other models of wars that could be used. Maybe have a championship style where alliances are matched 1v1 and progress through to further rounds, etc.
Even in RR2 each tile (equivalent of islands) has set battles (furies) so the best or better team is rewarded for fighting skills rather than giving island here and there. I realise it’s just TL that’s a mess, so it’s probably a low priority to adjust.

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It’s king of the mountain. When an alliance is dominant for a long time everyone else teams up to take them down. It’s always worked that way.

You are right about the king of the mountain. But you should fight it by strengthening your team and not forming a team of 150 players.


It is quite strange though, even being the status quo, that this is the only ‘clan’ style game that allows groups of alliances to prevent a good alliance from winning or even finishing near the top. Many alliances are just there to sabotage. That image above posted by The Sicilian was quite early in the war, and basically the team diagonally opposite were given ‘free passage’ with no fight whatsoever, also didn’t launch strikes to limit collateral damage to ‘friendly’ enemies! Later in the same war they gave away a further 2 islands for free. Don’t really know what you’d call it but it doesn’t feel like war at all. Feels broken.

But I’d rather have comments on the other suggestions rather than get personal, and hopefully the Captain can look at positive changes for the game both in war/leagues set up.


It sounds exactly like war, imo. War is hell.

Maybe the principle measuring parametre in the league should change from islands to VPS. That way it wouldn’t matter in a 3v1 etc, only the quality of the battles fought.
It actually makes more sense, teams could play for enhancements or play for the league.


I am not too sure about war changes based on VP to fix 3v1. As much as it sucks (and I had plenty nightmares) to be ganged up at least it gives smaller alliances a way to win and provide a little variety in season result. But I do think the team being surrounded should be rewarded: extra chests and resource boosts. It maybe fair enough to alleviate the situation for now.

I quite like the idea of honored heroes in war. I think you could also add a boost to honored heroes (announced at the end of the previous season) + give out more resources per attack to encourage intermediate lvl player to use them and give high level something to aim to do.

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Now that the war enhancements have been fixed, the team that gets attacked the most has the most opportunities to win enhancements. A strong team that gets ganged up on will walk out of war with more enhancements than any other alliance.