War info during war

Why does the war info disappear once the war starts?  Please add the (info) button on the war overview page so we can see strike length/strike cooldown/max fury etc etc.

As crazy as it may sound, this is not possible without a big change which has pushed this feature back to the next game update (not server, but app). It will be added, but not until then.

Thanks for the reply.  Could you (or someone) please post (or point me in the right direction if posted already) a rundown for the current war?  I think I remember strike length of 16 hours, but want to be sure of length and cooldown for planning.  Thanks.

10 hour cooldown / 16 hour strike

It’s basically the same as a campaign, just with 3 teams, right?

Thanks for the info,

Campaign if I remember right is 18 hour strike and 8 hour cooldown, so slightly different.

It would be nice if you could see all the info screens in one place. As opposed to being able to see each one for 24 hours every 6 weeks!