War info page?

Where is the war info page?  There should be a link on the war season overview page that gives info like strike length, cool down and number of fury and strikes available.


i didn’t see, nor could I find, that there are only 3 strikes available so launched our final strike with 28 hours remaining.  So the last 10 hours is now wasted.


am I missing something or is this an oversight?

It is not showing… 

Well that’s just great. 


Thanks for for the reply.


I want know, when the aliances going up to league above, or fall down ?  ( I don´t mean when is green or red in league).

I think, that  incursion is the last battle, and it will be after that.

Next war will be campaigne, if I right. After campaigne will be league partition??? Or after second war?? I dont´t know what will be :campaigne or duel.

Or we must wait other comfrontation and incursion end???So all new sesion???


Leagues are reset at the start of war, for whatever reason. So the teams in red and green will be moved at the start of the next war.

the schedule will be:



week off



week off