War is boring

Can there please be an update/change to how war works? Simply put it is boring. You log in every three hours to attack the same person over and over again. Can the match up last only 24 hours and then we get new match up? How about having a boss/monster to attack in the center of the map for a fury bonus or something? Something…anything but the current setup is just not that fun…any other suggestions?

Me too…  More inactive members in alliance make my alliance simple lose,  may be you must give the quest for wars or monthly events fight the boss… 

And please… please… please…,  banned the players using cheat… This problem making this game more really very very very boring

Some Opponent on my islands level up very quickly and always using blessing… The fake account always from china and japan

Flaregames you have spoilt this war by adding two additional powers for gems, this is not far at all, and this option should be scrapped none war people struggle against me, im only week old team and rank 800, im up against team just spending and blasting the shit out my team, this is a joke and those two powers need to be removed, you say you think of both pay and non pay, i dont think so

Agreed.boring.thats all i can say.can it be more interactive like matching random players or random guild ?? And plz give player more time to enjoy the game.war happened every 3days??? Oh cmon you guys are killing this game literally 

Yeah the whole game is getting boring …actually all the stuffs upgrades are completed waiting for coming soon after sometime this makes me boring and all u say right frnds


 I hate cheaters throw them out if exist b